By now, you’ve probably seen Shia Labeouf’s viral fever dream of a motivational speech imploring everyone to JUST DO IT!!!!

And it seems that some folks have taken his advice to heart. They’ve thrown off the chains of convention and are out there, living the dream…in bizarre and perplexing ways.

So come along on a journey to see how these trailblazing souls are living their own particular brand of truth.

1. Kayaking is just so yesterday.

Why limit yourself to floating down a lazy river or lying in a hammock when you can do both? If REI doesn’t sponsor this guy immediately, I’ve lost all faith in humanity.

2. Why settle for an angel on your shoulder…

When you can have Jesus himself? This gentleman appears to have actually sewn those openings in his clothes, not just cut them. Mad props to his sewing skills.

3. Love the one you’re with.

Hey, these are modern times, man. We’re all free to love whomever we want, even if it’s a blowup doll you have to send through the baggage check at airport security.

4. Raise ’em right…or at least different.

Give your kids a strong sense of identity so they know who they are as they grow up. Or so they at least know the right way to apply makeup.

5. Well, I guess we know what No. 4 grows up to become.

Fortunately, the kid’s makeup application skills got much better. And ain’t no one gonna mess with an angry muscle clown.

6. Hipster-ize your cat if you wish.

If you’re gonna just do it, just live your true life, there’s no reason your pets can’t too. I bet that kitty could use a PBR right about now.

7. We’re all just hamsters on a wheel.

Never has tattoo and body piercing art so accurately reflected our reality. Let’s hope this human canvas gets some kind of award for this depressing-yet-true social commentary.

8. Why not combine all the things you love?

Pizza? Unicorns? Why must those things be separate? No, no, you’re an explorer, a discoverer. You must bring together all the things you love for the good of mankind.

9. Left is right, and right is left.

Don’t let your socks define you. Maybe take it a step further and wear your shoes on the opposite feet. Sure, it’s uncomfortable, but that’s the price you pay for being a nonconformist.

10. The real Game of Thrones.

Look, we’re all going through withdrawal knowing GoT won’t be back for, like, another year. But this person was brave enough to find a way to keep the show’s spirit alive in the meantime.

11. This tattoo speaks the truth.

It’s probably just a matter of time before we’re all just heads piloting meat ships. At least that’s what I’m assuming this guy’s trying to convey with his body art. Probably.

12. Just do it, but do it safely.

And these gentleman are doing just that. They’re all wearing helmets…sorta…and all three look totally responsible. Besides, you can’t just do it without a little risk.

13. This guy’s got no cares to give.

Seriously, if there’s a man who’s going for broke, it’s this dude. And look at that completely calm, devil-may-care expression. Gravity may be against him, but nothing else is.

14. Calling in sick to work is so yesterday.

In the age of camera phones, you know it’s a matter of time before employers demand photographic evidence of your illness. This man is ahead of his time.

15. Props to the dad and budding tattoo artist.

That is one patient father who is raising his daughter to embrace her artistic side. Either that or he’s sleeping so hard he has no idea what’s going on.

16. The hero we all needed.

That Williams-Sonoma doesn’t sell welding helmets for peeling onions seems like a total missed opportunity. This woman should be featured in their holiday catalog forever more.

17. Moist is such a terrible word.

It looks weird, it sounds weird, it’s weird to say! This person is a monster and they really committed to doing evil. Look at this place!

18. Could you imagine having the guts to ask someone to work for you for free?

That’s just really terrible, this person has no shame…like, who do you think you are?!

19. I feel like this teacher has been burned one too many times.

They have reached their threshold for nonsense and are just putting it all out there. No funny business!

20. This is so terrifying, I think I’m going to have nightmares.

Like good for them, you know, for trying and all, but it literally looks like the crypt keeper under some weird cheese.

21. When you want something fancy, you gotta own it and create what your heart desires.

I would love to be this extra! Imagine how amazing it feels to take a bath here? So relaxing and probably very dark.

22. Have you ever been so invested in a game of Connect Four that it makes you cry when you loose?

TRICK QUESTION! This is how invested you should be in your LIFE!

23. This person is taking some serious risks.

First off, that typewriter is probably super heavy. Secondly, what is she going to do without a spell-checker? No one is that good at grammar.

24. This guy is fearless, he literally cannot be stopped.

Look at him fill up that KFC bucket like he owns the place. Unreal. What I wouldn’t give to have confidence like that.

Source: Diply.