When I moved into my house, I thought the bathroom was bad. It had a peachy pink tub, toilet, and sink, with pink tile that didn’t quite match, and dark pink carpet. Yes, carpet. Once we were settled, it was the first thing to be renovated.

But taste is subjective, and maybe there was someone who would have loved all that pink.

However, I think we can all agree on the rooms listed here, though. They are hideous.

1. I get bringing the outdoors in, but…no.

From the really fake turf to the lattice walls and the crazy light fixture, this is just a world of awful.

But then I noticed the bear in a life preserver. It makes it so much worse.

2. There is just so much wrong with this room.

Why do the strips of fur overlap on the floor? Why does it climb the bed like a fungus? What’s with the curtains, and why aren’t they in line with the windows?

And the bed itself is boring and wrinkly.

3. They wanted a standing shower, but went about it the wrong way.

Utilizing the closet space wasn’t a bad idea, but they really should have knocked out the wall between it and the bathroom. This is just awkward and super ugly.

4. Not a whole room, but this sinister bath deserves a place here.

The red and black design is pretty questionable on its own, but I really need to know if those black smudges in the tub are stains or part of the tub’s design.

5. I get it: You love an aquatic motif.

There’s nothing wrong with bringing things you love into your home decor, but this is a bit…much.

And aquarium toilet tanks will always be tacky.

6. Yes, this is a shiny, gold “throne” with lions on the arms, but can we talk about that tile?

Even without the terrible toilet, the mix of giant marble tile, tiny gold mosaic, and that weird floor tile is just a big pile of “too much.”

7. I can’t decide what’s worse here.

Is it the fact that the cupboards are tufted in the first place, or that it was done with shiny fabric? The matchy backsplash certainly doesn’t help.

8. Imagine that you’re touring open houses and you step into this basement…

This isn’t grandma-chic. It starts that way, but then you start noticing things like the mannequin and the incredible number of moonshine jugs.

9. Well, this is unique.

It’s just so…much. Rainbow mosaic tile? Sure, that could be fun as an accent wall, but why is there also a black and white wall? And why-oh-why are there foot tiles?

10. Is this an awkward space to find lighting for?

Did this person pick the strangest way to solve that problem? Yep.

What is this room, anyway? It’s too finished to be just attic storage, but too weird to be much else.

11. There’s just a whole lot going on here…

I’m not sure the house cat statue fits with what I think is a jungle theme, but I just can’t with the carpet. Every time someone gets in and out of that tub, it’s going to get wet.

12. If you ever go back to a date’s place and this is their bedroom, run.

Glass bricks, mirrored ceiling, and a hanging bed. Nope, nope, and nope. The big candelabras do not make it any classier.

13. It’s bad enough that they didn’t just extend the closet to the ceiling, but why is it carpeted?

Besides being a nook just for dust, the carpeted edge is basically just weird, furry trim.

14. My wool sensitivity cannot handle that ceiling.

Was it made specifically for a ceiling, or did grandma just keep crocheting and decided that was the best place to display it all?

15. I bet the designer noticed this and decided not to mention it to the owner.

I mean, it’s awkward enough with the windows alone, but then you add the decorative arch on the top little window and…uh huh.

16. Seriously, seriously reconsider any novelty faucets you might put in your bathroom.

I know you love the beach, but that pink conch shell faucet is not going to have the impact you think it’s going to.

17. I mean, a spacious shower is an awesome luxury, but what the heck is this?

From what I can tell, there aren’t even shower heads beyond the one end, so what’s the rest of it for? Your guests to sit and watch?

18. Um…why?

Like, I get needing to block off the stairs sometimes. That’s what baby gates are for. This door even has a lock, but anyone who really wanted to get through it could just climb over the railing.

19. “Maybe entwined dragon mosaics will distract from the shape?” said someone, somewhere.

No. Nope. You made it 1,000% worse. Don’t get me started on the mismatched weird windows and how the base isn’t symmetrical.

20. Question: Are they the names of people they know, or is the text as random as the font choice?

Like, dude, pick a theme! We’ve got typography and patchwork and animals all in one space!

21. I have a very old house, so I understand the struggle of adding modern amenities to floor plans not designed for them.

But this is not the solution. It must have been a DIY job, because what contractor in their right mind would allow this?

22. And this is what happens when you insist on changing the bathroom layout but aren’t willing to sacrifice natural light.

The new standing shower won’t fit unless the toilet is moved to that corner? Fine, we won’t even frost the dang window.

23. You know how the sounds of trickling water can make you feel the need to pee?

Anyone who’s had an aquarium knows that the filter makes that sound constantly. The person sleeping in this room is going to be getting up all through the night.

24. This is what happens when a goth unicorn poops all over your kitchen.

Besides being fugly, this color scheme really doesn’t match the farmhouse vibe that all the accessories have. Do they actually sell chickens?

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