Tattoos are a big commitment — especially if you take any pride in how you look. Some people spend years looking for the right design, searching for the perfect artist, then contemplating it over and over again until they psych themselves out. Others go in with no design in mind and let Jesus take the wheel. Either way, there is always room for error. But the bottom line is, tattoos are a decision — so I don’t feel bad at all for laughing.

1. Let’s not call Demetrius and say we did.

2. It looks like this isn’t the first questionable decision he’s made.

3. I would rather have no eyebrows than those eyebrows.

4. How does one keep clam?

5. You can’t be prom queen AND valedictorian.

6. Howling at the moon? More like howling laughter.

7. Is this a bear or Satan?

8. Perma cornrows are the next big thing.

9. All I can hear is Sisqo’s Thong Song in my head right now.

10. Usually, people don’t want to wear glasses, but he just HAD to be different.

11. I hope this isn’t an accurate portrait.

12. She should have just stayed in school.

13. When you are both stupid enough to mess up this hard, you deserve one another.

14. She’s going to need patience when she’s a patient in a laser tattoo removal clinic.

15. Cool, bro.

16. For the guy who needs everyone to know he has low self-esteem.

17. They sure don’t make next-gen Pokémon like they used to.

18. Ohhhh. So fancy!

19. Most accurate glow up of 2016.

20. A true poet at work.

21. Like a mirror.

22. I get the concept, but the execution…

23. Just don’t do it.

24. Welp.

Source: Diply