Things don’t always work out the way you’d expect. I know a lot of us enjoy pulling off awesome surprises or doing nice things for the people we love, but when we do, we’re playing with fire.

If I’m being perfectly honest here, I would say that trying in general isn’t really worth it. Nothing ever goes as planned, so why fight the universe?

1. Can you drive a car if you don’t understand what this cap means?

The answer should be no, but for some reason, mindless drones like this are allowed to operate these heavy-duty machines.

2. Okay, so some people may think this course of action is a but extreme, but I’m totally here for it.

Just think about how awesome it would be if we could die before our dogs. All of our impending heartbreak would be avoided.

3. Just because you didn’t purchase a convertible, doesn’t mean you can’t drive a convertible.

All you really need is a good hacksaw and a fireman to lend you the Jaws of Life.

4. It’s truly the thought that counts for this one.

Especially since the cat was overfed and not underfed. If anything, the cat’s still in shock, but otherwise, it’s as content as can be.

5. If you thought driving a car to work was the safest way to travel, think again.

For only six payments of $400, you too could be riding in style, while burning a ton of calories.

6. This is also a good reason why you shouldn’t fall asleep in the sun with your hands down your pants.

I guess that we learned two really good lessons today.

7. Some people would consider this a bad omen. I am one of those people.

I guess you have every right to max out your credit card on takeout and delivery now. It’s really a safety issue.

8. You laugh now, but when that person accidentally falls off that stationary bike traveling zero miles an hour, they will be able to escape with bruises everywhere but their head.

9. I don’t mean to sound biased, but this person obviously made the right decision.

That “healthy” prepackaged meal is not even close to satisfactory. Always live for the now and not the never.

10. Pumping gas isn’t super complicated, but apparently, it’s super dangerous.

This is especially true if you’re super dumb, super late, or super forgetful. If this has happened to you, please ride your bike from now on.

11. I like the sentiment, but obviously this isn’t the perfect place to lay your head after a long journey on the open road.

Plus, used mattresses are never really socially acceptable or medically recommended.

12. If you spent your cash on personalized lattes, then you may want to figure how you became so ridiculous.

Listen, I love coffee as much as humanly possible, but even I know this is insane.

13. Did the person who designed this realize what they were doing?

While frosted glass might look pretty, watching someone using the toilet isn’t what I’d call a sight for sore eyes.

14. Turn 180 degrees and you’ve got it.

A relaxing fishing trip, but this guy seems to have gotten a little confused. I wish I could see what’s at the end of his fishing pole.

15. This stingray just really wanted to be part of the moment they were sharing.

There are worse things to be photo-bombed by, and this actually makes for a really cute moment.

16. Whoever made this display did a good job, but should have mixed the flavors up a bit more.

It shouldn’t be too hard to get the kind you want, but hopefully nothing falls.

17. All this person was trying to do was get some exercise, breathe some fresh air, be one with nature…and then this happened.

Looks like they should have just stayed inside.

18. Sometimes it pays off to sit back and let others do the work.

This person was trying to move an engine when they ended up getting injured. Not funny, but if that ain’t irony, I don’t know what is.

19. Apparently, you’re supposed to lock the frame and both wheels so it doesn’t get stolen.

This person tried — and I would have locked it the same way but — they still lost their bike.

20. They tied up their boat so it wouldn’t float away, but the unlucky can’t hide from misfortune.

My suggestion is to get a new boat and just dock it on top of that one.

21. Being a dad is hard, everyone knows that. The thing is, not everyone knows that it’s this hard.

Hopefully you take a note from this guy and avoid parenthood altogether.

22. We all know that this comes off way more sexual than it should, but at the same time, I absolutely love it.

Don’t act like you don’t enjoy a dirty pun every now and then.

23. Thanks, but I’ll have to pass.

I understand that it’s the thought that counts, but like, what the heck was this person thinking? If this floats your boat, good for you. Otherwise, what the heck?!

24. This sweatshirt is making me so uncomfortable.

I am actually sweating in pure secondhand awkwardness. I literally don’t understand how or why someone would think this is okay. MAKE IT STOP!

Source: Lifestyle.