Do you remember having an interest in knowing about everything you see as kids? There were a lot of rare pictures and their unseen side that we never thought about. The beautiful nature, the interesting factual pictures or art, are all kept aside now due to our monotonous routine. But let’s admit, we all know that our world is a beautiful place and there is something new waiting to be discovered, waiting to be seen.

We have compiled a list of the everyday things that we see, but fail to notice the mysterious side of them, the beautiful side of them, to expand your horizons and to rediscover their ambiance. From looking at the inside of a guitar to the backside of a theatre, and from looking to a crazy skeleton of a tortoise to the creepy underside of a Lilly Pad, we have all the unseen side of these rare pictures that are truly mind-blowing!

#1 A space shuttle leaving out atmosphere. The picture was taken by NASA

#2 Looks like a luxury apartment, isn’t it? But it’s the inside of a guitar

#3 Brick streets being laid in Netherlands

#4 Tortoise’s skeleton

#5 Underside of a Lilly Pad

#6 Backside of the theatre

#7 Blood vessels of a hand

#8 Modern battleship without water around it

#9 A blue whale’s blowhole

#10 A human embryo placed on the tip of a needle

#11 The top of Mt. Everest

#12 Pearls

#13 This is the inside of the vault door that was made back in the 1800s

#14 This is what Artichokes are flowers look like if they are not harvested

#15 A CT Scanner without the cover on it

#16 This is what a mature hedge looks like when it’s cut in half

#17 An eyeball after having a cornea transplant

#18 This is huge power line towers are installed

#19 The inside of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

#20 Traffic control room in Beijing

#21 The shell of the firework

#22 A tumbleweed before it dies and roams the land

#23 A 9-volt battery is a 6 AAA batteries taped together

#24 Inside of a bowling ball

#25 The legs of a cyclist after Tour De France

#26 Freshly cut cinnamon from the tree

#27 An offshore wind turbine blade

#28 A heated floor before the hard floor stuff is placed on the top of it

#29 Leica camera lens

#30 The back of a bowling alley

#31 This is what happens when there is a fire in an airplane hangar

#32 The ball inside of a paint can

#33 Molding Cast of Ronald McDonald

#34 Golf balls

#35 This is how the inside of this air mattress looks like

Source : Spysparrow