In childhood, whenever we are out to sea we play with sand. We make sand castles, animals we like but they are not pretty. See them as ugly lands. But there are people who use sand as a material to create works of art that we must admire.

Here we combine 27 masterpieces made of sand from all over the world. Before the break they captured us. Let’s take a look.

1. Do you want a Golden Ticket?

2. Every mom’s true treasure

3. Beauty on many levels

4. The perfection in the details is incredible.

5. This bond is forever.

6. A car from the future, macros into micros

7. What would we do without these guys?

8. The fine details of this castle are amazing.

9. Sand cathedral, it may look simple but it’s so precise.

10. It seems like these people will start walking soon.

11. It’s just as incredible from any angle.

12. Enter, if you dare.

13. Everyone gets a present.

14. Exclusively for Star Wars fans

15. Simple and adorable, so much character in this guy

16. What a charmer you are!

17. This castle came straight from a fairy tale.

18. Hey guys, my childhood without you would not be the same!

19. That’s just so cute.

20. These eyes are too real for our comfort level.

21. Find your way, ignore the challenge.

22. Release the beast.

23. This one’s for cat lovers exclusively

24. So much wisdom in these eyes.

25. I am falling apart, help me.

26. This is Au Co, the mountain fairy known in Vietnam who married the dragon lord and laid 100 eggs. The oldest of the children became the first Hung King.

27. You are safe with me.

Do you have any photos that would fit into this collection? Show them to us in the comments.

Source: Brightside