Some would say that Mr. Bean is the actual successor of Charlie Chaplin. And without a doubt Mr. Bean is at his best when he is not using his words, he is someone who somehow has a knack of turning every single issue and every single event into funny one without saying a word. Here again in this post Mr. Bean has turned our superheroes into hilarious doppelgangers of himself.

Listed below are some of the pictures edited by some cool guy who was tired of all the serious actions of these superheroes and decided that Mr. Bean would do much better than these actual guys. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

1 This one’s even better than Leonardo’s masterpiece

2 You got a Lil Bean brotha?

3 Ruler of the andals and first men, Beanerys Targaryen?

4 Meet the new addition to Angie’s family

5 Say this is fake. I dare you, I double dare you!!

6 Bean square

7 Her highness, the all mighty “Queen Bean”

8 That smile is enough to kill the enemy

9 The LAPD completed a new hiring

10 The dark lord has arrived, and he’s definitely in a funny mood…

11 I guess I’ve found why she lost

12 Pirates of the CaribBean!

13 Mr. Borat Bean

14 O sweet mother of Bean

15 Remember, this is where you saw Hulk smile for the first time ever!

16 The root of all human race. Who would have known?

17 Imagine him doing the bean dance

18 Sergeant Atkinson got no chill

19 The beans are coming

20 The face Julius Caesar made when he realized he’s the only one in the room without a knife

21 “The Wolverbean”, In cinemas near you!

22 The resemblance is uncanny

23 Conan the Barbeanian

24 Miss. Bean with Baby Bean

25 Lord of the Beans

26 Houston, we have a BIG problem

Source : Bemethis