26-year-old Matthew Lepre from Western Sydney has revealed he is now ready to settle down. But despite making $120,000 per month through multiple businesses online, he spent the Valentine’s Day alone.

The entrepreneur once dropped out of university to support his single mother. But now, he spends most of his time traveling around the world for his business coaching courses.

However, his work has affected his ability to meet women.

Mr. Lepre told FEMAIL: ‘I spent so much of my time focusing on my professional career that I took a break from focusing on my personal life.

‘Now that I’m in a stable place financially, I’m ready to settle down if I meet the right girl.’

Just three years ago, he was working three manual labor jobs and struggling to pay for daily expenses. But now, he makes more than $120,000 per month from his e-commerce sites.

He is looking for the right woman to share his life with.

‘While I am successful with my work, I realize as we head into Valentine’s Day that I want a meaningful relationship to also become a key part of my life,’ he expressed.

‘Dating apps aren’t very fulfilling and I’m looking for someone that wants a long term relationship, someone that I can have a meaningful connection with.

‘Up until now, I have been introduced to girls through friends, but haven’t found the girl yet that I would like to spend the rest of my life with and I’m not interested in dating unless it’s going to go somewhere.’

Last year, Mr. Lepre has explored mountains in Japan, deserts in California and beaches in Bali among other international trips. He loves being outdoors, whether that means canoeing, biking, hiking or exploring new places.

He is currently looking for the right person to sit in the passenger’s seat.

‘I would rather find a girl who wants to date me for being me, not for my bank balance,’ he said.

‘I have realised through my success that money can’t buy happiness or love and family and a partner is someone that is be by your side to support you through your ups and downs.’

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Source: Smalljoys