The world is a massive place. Obvious statement, right? Well, people today are still shocked by the things that our Earth has to offer. From things deep beneath the ocean to historical occurrences, our world is full of surprises.

And yes, that includes islands! There are hundreds of islands around the world for people to discover if they feel like being a bit more adventurous in life. Read on to look at our top thirty gorgeous islands that everyone will want to visit.

Lake Titicaca Floating Islands, Peru

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to stay on a floating island? There are 80 islands that are inhabited and are made out of Totora reeds—oh, and so are the houses. How crazy is that?!

Graciosa, Canary Islands

This is the perfect place to immerse yourself in Spanish tradition and culture without the whirlwind of the big city. As it has been untainted by both a large population and modern times, this is the perfect place to get the full cultural experience.

American Samoa

Although it might be a little bit difficult to get to this island, it is well worth the trip. It has amazing volcanos and so much beautiful greenery. You can see beautiful animals, including whales and sea turtles.

Lord Howe Island, Australia

This island is so intense and private that your cell phone won’t even work here! There are barely any cars too, which means that if you are going to this island, you are going for a complete and utter detox.

Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

This island is less about relaxation and more about the history that it holds. The villas are more than six hundred years old but don’t worry, there is also a beautiful beach with pink sand for you to relax. And speaking of pink…

Mustique Island, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

There are dozens upon dozens of villas here for people to rent out, and this island is so exclusive that celebrities make it a habit to come here for some much-needed rest and relaxation. We can see why!

Laucala, Fiji

This is a private island and is said to have one of the best resorts ever. There is a submarine, stables, a golf course and much, much more to make your stay one of the best experiences of your life.

Palau, Pacific Islands

These islands lay on the Pacific, nearby the Philippines. It is beautiful to see, whether from close or from far. These are the islands that Instagram stories are made of.

Dominica, Caribbean Islands

Although there are no TripAdvisor resorts to boast about on this island, that is not what the island is intended for. This island is nature in its purest form. It has a gorgeous scenery, amazing cliffs and is the perfect setting for hikers.

Micronesia, Pacific Ocean

This amazing spread of islands is full of volcanos, amazing rainforests and the most intense, colorful coral reefs that will blow your mind!

Who wouldn’t want to bask in the glory of nature that way?

Solomon Islands

This island is both beautiful and eerie all at once. It is a memorial to World War Two. There are old machines all over the island, as well as shipwrecks. Perhaps that is why there are so very few tourists.

South Tarawa, Kiribati

Each island has a lot of things that make it beautiful, but this one has something very particular to it. It is one of a kind. Why? Well, this is the island where you can stand and be the first person in the world to watch the sunrise.

Tuvalu, South Pacific

A beautiful, untouched island. This gorgeous place is untouched by anything man-made in concerns of its beaches. The tropical water is loved by its locals, who will make you feel like one of their own during your visit.

Stewart Island, New Zealand

Home to Kiwi birds, this island has as many birds as it does people! There are only 380 residents on the island, which means tourists or new locals will never feel overwhelmed on the island.

Ko Lipe, Thailand

This island may be peaceful during the day, but it is during the night that the island becomes truly special. The plankton glows at night, which makes snorkeling an adventure all on its own. As is the next photo, which is a bit more recent…

Six Senses, Krabey Island, Cambodia

Although this island only opened a resort in 2018, it was beautiful long before tourists decided to get their hands on it. The resort has everything that most resorts have in terms of amenities, except this one boasts a view like no other.

Navarino Island, Chile

No one is really going to spend their vacation trying to get to the Antarctic, but this is the closest you can get to it without freezing to death. It has an amazing trek for people who want to walk through mountains, forests, and look over the water.

Palawan, Philippines

For jungles and gorgeous waters that seem almost unreal, this is the island for you. To travel between the smaller islands, make sure to take a boat, and listen carefully to the animals that you can hear beyond you.

Hurry up and go before more Instagram stars make their way there for the perfect selfie.

Martinique, Caribbean

This is an island that hides in the shadows of the more popular island, Martinique is full of beautiful rainforests, and beautiful waters for you to dip your toes in. It is a place that any hiker would have a blast at.

Isla Holbox, Mexico

This is an island that is often in the shadows of Cancun, as people often tend to go to Mexico for a party. Although this island is quieter, that doesn’t mean it is any less beautiful. After all, it has flamingos.

But for the next slide, let’s go back into volcanos, shall we?

Lanzarote, Spain

While there are plenty of beautiful beaches in Spain, this island is notable not only for its beaches but for the fascinating volcanic scenery.

Seriously, there is even a restaurant that sits right on top of a volcano.

Kauai, Hawaii

Although it may not hold the same beauty as some of the more well-known islands, this one has its own charm. It allows people to become one with nature as they hike through the trails, experiencing a more natural state of Hawaii.

The Azores, Portugal

Portugal itself has not really become one of the busiest places in Europe yet, in terms of tourism. That is a shame, considering the beauty it holds. The Azores is a place that tourists should go for adventure—they offer excursions, trails to hike on, whale watching and more.

And when you’re tired out from all that, you can relax on the gorgeous beach.

Faroe Islands

Although this is not a place for people to get their tan on, it is a place for people to become one with nature. They have plenty of animals that people might have never seen otherwise, and the view itself is magnificent.

Seriously, it’s an Instagram worthy island.

Reunion Island, Indian Ocean

If you have never heard of this place, don’t be surprised, a lot of people haven’t. On this island, people are surrounded by nature. Between the amazing greenery, the volcanos, and water that weaves in and out of the mountains, it’s astonishing to see.

Ikaria, Greece

This island is said to have magical powers! Well, not really, but apparently the few Greeks that live there actually do live 10 years longer than other Greeks!

Whether it’s the view of the amazing mountains or the natural olive oil, or maybe both, we want to know their secret!

Pantelleria, Italy

An island that is next door to Africa, not even most Italians know about this island. There are no beaches for you to relax, but instead, there is an intense volcanic landscape, black in nature, for people to look at.

Sylt, Germany

Often compared to the Hamptons, Sylt stands apart from the rest of Germany for its amazing beaches, warm climate, amazing restaurants and the chance for people to relax at the spa.

It has been a place for people to kick back since the 19th century.

The Isles Of Scilly, United Kingdom

Although getting to this island is a bit expensive, it is well worth the trip. It’s one of the most well-kept secrets of the UK. On the island, there is impressive wildlife, and excursions to experience the animals up close.

Vis, Croatia

Once upon a time, this place was closed to foreigners, during the time it was actually used as a military base! That’s probably the reason why a lot of people don’t know about it. But now it is a peaceful place with amazing seafood and even better wine.

Source : Twentytwowords