Sphynx is a kind of Russian cats with a cool and fun look. They have so many expressions that we can not help but smile. We often think of the origin of this cat from a warm country but that is wrong.

We like cats with special and lovely expressions like Sphynx. So these images are synthesized as a gift for them. After looking at these pictures you will want to buy a cat immediately. They are not only pets but also friends.

1. My precious…

2. Sometimes I think that they are from another planet.

3. They can do yoga.

4. Look at me human, I said, look at me.

5. Personal space? What’s that?

6. It was THAT big, no kidding.

7. Don’t move, human.

8. I think they might fit.

9. The first thing I see when I wake up:

10. No shame…

11. These eyes melt my heart.

12. “I can do it.”

13. Warm and cozy

14. They love taking a bath.

15. A spa will do as well.

16. They know all about fashion.

17. Well, most of the time.

18. This is the Sphynx cat’s hand, and that’s just creepy.

19. You just wait human, revenge is a dish best served cold.

20. This guy is climbing the ladder like a pro.

21. Get a cat, they said. They’re cute and fluffy, they said…

22. This cat found an egg and sat on it for 50 days. Then a healthy little duckling hatched. Besties forever now!

23. This is what an absolute unit looks like.

24. The “Devil” wears Prada.

25. I think these guys might be up to something.

26. Maybe he doesn’t like pink.

27. Oh dear, how can I unsee this?

28. Because I can.

29. Holy Moly

30. Ok, that’s really freaky.


We also want to tell you a few interesting facts about these amazing cats.

  • Donskoy Sphynx have webs between their toes, while Canadian Sphynx don’t;
  • Sphinx cats have a faster metabolism than other cats so they need more food;
  • Their body is about 4°C warmer than most other cats;
  • They are not actually completely hairless, they are covered with a very fine layer of fluff that feels like suede when you touch it;
  • Unfortunately, they are not completely hypoallergenic. If you are allergic to a cat fur, you might be OK around Sphynx, but if the problem comes from Fel d1, an allergenic protein in cat saliva, you might need to consider another type of pet;
  • They are not very good at regulating their body temperature, meaning they can get overheated and cold very easy;
  • If your Sphinx likes laying in sunlight, consider a sunscreen. Their skin is very sensitive and has no coat to protect it. And yes, they can get sunburned.

Do you like Sphynx cats? Or maybe you are the lucky person who has one. Tell us about it in the comments.

Source: Brightside