Her life departure at young age made many people shocked. Her letter revealed the reason of her illness had awakened millions of people.

A young woman, Ph.D named Vu Quyen, she was an excellent overseas student, and after her return to China, she was appointed to an important position and was an outstanding young professor in Fudan University.

In December 2009, Vu Quyen was diagnosed with breast cancer.

By January 2010, she was told by the doctor that her cancer had progressed. At 3 a.m. on 19/4/2011, the young Ph.D. died at the age of 32.

During the time of illness, instead of a mental breakdown, the female doctor was living uprightly optimistic. She just hoped that no one would have situation like hers. After the death of Vu Quyen, this diary has been spread throughout the social network as a wake-up call concernibad habits in modern society today. In the first words of her diary, she insisted: “You must not stay up late.”

She wrote: “Firstly, I was not genetically sick, secondly, my body was very good, and third, I had just given birth and was a mother for one year; Breast cancer usually happens when you are over 45, and I’m only 31. I think the reason I have cancer is certainly due to many factors. “

This is the content of the letter of Vu Quyen: When you are in the midst of life and death boundaries.

“In the midst of life and death, you will find that, whether you work overtime, or put yourself under pressure , remember that a necessity to buy a car buy is frivolous. If you have time, stay with the kids, give money to your parents or give them a pair of shoes. Do not force yourself to buy a nice house, just stay together with your family, is warm enough. Cancer appeared to be a turning point in my life, it seems that this is the fate that I have to suffer.”

Eating habits are a problem

I can say I’m a food addict. I have never refused anything on the table, especially meat. If there is no meat on the table, the meal is definitely not delicious. My mother once told me that I inherited this eating habit from my father. He is a particularly famous chef in the country, all current talented chefs are mostly his students. Even in difficult circumstances, I have never had to eat miserable food.

Sleeping habbit

I have been sitting here writing these lines slowly and sincerely. I gradually feel that these words are far more valuable than my doctoral dissertation. In today’s society, there are so many pathways leading to cancer, and I think sleeping habits are one of the causes.

When I was in school I used to go to sleep very late. In fact, going to bed late at my age was not a big deal. I also did not think that falling sleep late could cause cancer. My friends went to bed very late at that time, and their health was good. But in the present time, while sitting and thinking back, I realize that going to bed late late extremely damages your health. Recalling 10 years ago at the dorm, I often stayed up late, specifically I never went tot bed before 12 p.m.

Now, I am suffering from cancer and I started to study Chinese traditional medicine, and gradually have understood how much my organs are hurt. And the importance of getting a good night’s sleep: from 11 am to 1 am is the best time. Because during this time some body organs play an important role.

Being ill, I have realized that we should pay more attentionto our health in a time that can be controlled. You can go to bed early and treat your body well. All kinds of entertainment like watching movies, karaoke gatherings, … try to think it is just instant enjoyment, then what else? The fact that it is very necessary to consider it the sooner the better in order to save your health.

Study and work as much as you can

In the past, when I was still at school, I was not really a diligent student. Just two weeks before the exam I started studying. I started cramming, staying up late, learning all days and nights, trying all my best to put all the knowledge in my head. But in the end, the achievement was not good either.

I think that there are many people who have the habit of living like me, so I want to remind you really to take care of your health, do not let yourself to be exhausted like I was.When I realized that, it has been already too late.

The environment plays an important role

This problem is considered too big. I do not know how to analyze. However, according to health experts, a polluted environment causes a lot of health problems.

Finally, I know that for me everything is now too late. Life has three most suffering things: getting old without having children, being middle-aged without spouses, children who don’t have mothers. If I pass away, my parents, my husband and a little child will feel very miserable. So I have to be strong for the rest of my life. I want to advise you not to underestimate your own health.”

Source : Feedtv