– An overwhelmingly fat couple came to fall deeply in love with each other

– They initially didn’t complain about their weight but soon they realized having a lot of excess pounds was quite disconcerting

– The couple vowed to change their lifestyles and to adhere to simple rules, all because they loved each other

Many would not believe how the now slim Lexi Reed once weighed a whopping 500-pounds!

We learned that Lexi used to eat 7 plates of food during buffet meals. In fact, it wasn’t just her, but her husband was not that health conscious too.

Soon, she was challenged to change their lifestyle and to go through a journey towards weight loss by following two simple steps.

Lexi and her husband were challenged by her best friend not to eat out, not to have any cheat meal and to cook everything from home.

In addition, there would also be no alcohol and that they would have to exercise 4 to 5 times in a week.

To sum it up, the two steps include: no eating out and to exercise.

As per Trimmed and Toned, Lexi admitted that it was hard at first. However, after a month, it became a lifestyle.

Soon, they started noticing progress. Old clothes started to become loose and fitting in the seat of an airplane became easier.

Now, Lexi has lost 285 pounds and she just keeps on going. Of course, her husband has lost a lot of weight too.

One could no longer see the old obese Lexi and hubby. Their journey was chronicled by Lexi in Fat Girl Fed Up.

Source: Kami