You may be with a partner who betrays you every day in a major way and you may not even bat an eyelid because you think that as long as he isn’t cheating on you, things are fine, right? Things, unfortunately, could not be further from fine because fidelity in a relationship is not just measured by who’s sleeping with who. You need someone who is emotionally faithful to you and has your back no matter what. If he’s doing any of these 8 things, he’s violating the sanctity of your relationship.

1. Lying compulsively

A partner who’s always making promises he doesn’t keep, deceiving you about the simplest things, or even lying about his finances and his job does not respect you as a woman. Instead of valuing you enough to be honest about where he’s at and who he is, he tries to manipulate you into liking him either because he knows you’d never stay with him if you knew the real him or because he isn’t all that serious about you.

2. Confiding in other women

If you truly have a strong relationship with your partner, then you’re the first person he talks to when he’s going through a rough time and he looks to you for comfort. However, if he’s been pouring his heart out to another woman, or even other women, that can be very painful for you. The fact that you’re not the one he wants to talk to can make you feel very alone indeed, and you start to wonder what went wrong.

3. Spilling your secrets to others

A major breach of trust in a relationship occurs when you find out that the most intimate details of your life that you shared with your partner in confidence are now public knowledge. It’s quite painful to trust someone with your darkest secrets only to find out later that he’s been laughing about you behind your back. A partner who truly loves you would never judge you for the things you’ve done and would respect your privacy.

4. Emotionally checking out of the relationship

Your partner may not have broken up with you, but he seems to have stopped caring about you or your relationship. He doesn’t even try to make you feel special anymore, you no longer go out on dates, and he seems to be distant every time he’s with you. You may be gushing about an achievement or opening up to him about a stressful day, and he doesn’t seem to listen or even care.

5. Being manipulative

You let your guard down around the people you love and let them into your life, letting them see you as you are, with all your fears and anxieties, all your flaws and regrets, and all your mistakes. A partner who wants to control you or who is jealous of your happiness will try to use your fears against you, manipulating you to do what he wants. He may play on your weaknesses or bring them up constantly and make you feel guilty about them, giving him leeway to get away with whatever he wants in the relationship.

6. Putting himself first

It is definitely important to pay attention to your own needs, but in a relationship, you also need to prioritize your partner’s needs and actively find out what he wants and what pleases him. Your partner needs to be equally concerned about taking care of you and meeting your needs. But if he only ever thinks about himself and does whatever pleases him, then your relationship is bound to become imbalanced, and you’ll always feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

7. Refusing to communicate

This is the worst thing your partner can do to you, stonewalling you whenever you try to talk about important issues by ignoring you or making you feel guilty for bringing them up. He may also refuse to open up about things that are bothering him, or stop telling you how much he loves you. The most important thing in any relationship is communication, and by depriving you of that, your partner is slowly killing off your relationship.

Source: Lessonslearnedinlife.