Google is much cooler than you think it is. There are so many things about Google that more the half the world just doesn’t know. There are hidden tricks and tips to make your life extremely easy but for that all you have to do is, trust Google!

Clear Your Browsing, Cookies and Cached Data

Let’s start with a very basic one. Let’s not show others what we do in our browser! Just type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar and hit enter. You can choose which data to get rid off and save yourself a lot of embarrassment.

Cast to the Big Screen

Tired of you small Laptop screen? Well, you are not alone. Google has a simple solution for you, just navigate to the tab that you’d like seeing on your TV, click on Chrome settings menu and click on cast.

Google Gravity

Now this is an extremely cool trick folks! Just do us a favor, in your browser, type Then search ‘Google Gravity’ in your search bar and click on I’m Feeling Lucky! Google will come crashing down literally as an example of its answer.


So understand that Google is cooler than all of us collectively. Type in Google “tilt” and see the tilted search results. You can also try this with the word “askew”

Hunt Your Lost Phone

Are you a completely careless human who cannot keep all the things in place? How many time have you lost your phone? Well, the next time you lose it, try using Google to find it and not your local police!

If your phone is synced with google, just type “Find my phone” into the address and Google will launch a page and its map to help you locate your phone.

Do A Barrel Roll

Here comes another trick. Google’s barrel roll was its latest loony Easter egg in 2011. Just search “do a barrel roll” in the search bar. Just wait for the magic to happen!

Personalized Browser!

Don’t settle for what is already default! Hunt for more. We mean hunt for better screensavers, just personalize your Chrome! You can redecorate your Google Chrome web browser with an entirely new look from the theme store by pasting the following URL in your address bar:

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Source: Genmice