People are already complaining about global warming that had affected our earth which may feel like people who are usually going to stay there have to think before going there. We are just surrounded by many officials but we people are also affected by global warming which is the case behind to why our earth is drying so lets find out here.

The Sans Blas In Panama

Global warming has affected our earth that causes various threats to our earth and here we have listed some pictures showing what actually we are facing after the effect of global warming. In this, it is a group of islands which is in Panama where the maximums are inhabitants and because of Global warming the sea level has risen to its advanced level and this might cause a threat to the people who are living there as they will have to leave their home.

Arctic Ice

One of the biggest effects is the shrinking of ice in the Arctic as the average temperature is rising day by day which may cause the whole earth to cover into the water.

Enterprise Bridge Orville

Global warming has affected many places and one of the places is in California where everything drying up and farmers are quickly losing their crops which effects on their revenue and their life. As well, you can see the water here has been drying up with time and we are pretty sure this may cause drought in that area.

Aral Sea

The biggest water basin has been dried up as the sea was actually a lake filled with the salty sea but because of the excessive irrigation is done by the soviet union which prevented the water from reaching the lake and global warming has affected its process by drying up.

Alaskan Muir Glacier

We can clearly see the glacier melting away because of global warming. Once this place was filled with 1.8 miles wide glacier and now they have become a beach with cobbles and pebbles.

Grinnell Glacier

This climate change affects the lives of the flora and fauna which are living underwater. This picture shows that global warming has affected this place where once this place was used to cover with thick ice and now that glacier is melting away.

Alaskan Pedersen

The biggest damage has been done by the Pedersen Glacier which has been completely vanished from it and instead of that, there are vegetation, sediments and other things. Well, it seems like We haven’t this on our textbook and some even good all the time. are thank by

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