Teaching children how to avoid attractive invitation from strange people is very necessary when they are small.

The incident happened in Salt Lake City when Emmy McCardell – 7-year-old girl – is sunbathing outside her house, the car came to approach her. The driver said hello to her in very friendly way, then asked an attractive question that every little kid love to hear. “Do want a bicycle?” he asked.

However, Emmy knew what should she do. She said “no” and ran into her house. Emmy’s mom knew something happened when her daughter ran into the door. She said that she taught her kids about “stranger danger.” when they were very small.

The 7-year-old girl was sunbathing outside her house.

The strange car came to her house.

He showed his friendly attitude and offer her a bicycle.

Do you want a bicycle?

She ran into the house and said “no”.

She was taught about how to react to strangers by her mother.

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Source: feedytv.