You think you are talented than we bet you try these simple tricks on your own that we find it a little amusing. Some people really have the rare ability and unique talent that you might find it crazy but at least they can do something with their body and here we can’t even wiggle our brows. So let’s take a look at these amazing things which only rare people can do it.

Isolating Your Ring Finger

Most people do this trick by slightly bending their ring finger so that they can move their middle finger and people who do this experiment are believed to be hereditary.

Touching Your Nose

Well, not everyone is lucky enough to have a long tongue so that they can do this simple trick. And whoever tried this had a tough time trying to reach their tongue to touch their nose where mostly 10% of people can perform this action.

Moving Your Limbs In Circular Motion

Here you just have to try this trick by circling your limbs in a circular motion or write the number “6” with your big toe. We bet many people had already tried this or they might be still doing it to prove this experiment right.

Twitching Your Nose

If you can wiggle your brows than we are certain you can even wiggle your nose. Well, this kind of thing is rarely found on boys because we have mostly seen on girls doing it.

Sneezing With Eyes Open

Well, have you noticed this that whenever we try to sneeze we always keep our eyes closed so that we are more focused on releasing our sneeze. So now try this experiment by sneezing with your eyes open it will literally lose your nerves system.

Folding Your Tongue

Well, it’s rare to find a person who has the talent to hold their tongue in shapes whereas some people are just capable of doing other strange things. Folding your tongue in half is rarely done by a person on this earth.


We rarely control our emotions when someone tries to do this trick on us but in most rare cases you like the idea of tickling yourself. Tickling is all about the art of surprise and your brain picks up the sensation that causes feelings of tickling and controls it before it affects us.

Bending Your Thumb

Well, some people love to crack their fingers and some people loves to knit their fingers but it is very rare to find people who can do this thumb backward trick. We bet after reading you all would be trying to do this experiment on yourself. Well, Good luck!

Source: Bloggersarena.