If the pilots are careless in just one second, the tragedy will occur immediately.

The lives of the passengers will depend on the pilots.

Therefore, even small mistakes of the pilot can not be accepted, because it will cause catastrophic consequences such as the accident below.

Although these incidents are relatively rare, the incidence is just one per 11 million flights, but these pilots can avoid catastrophes if they are more careful about their every decision.

1. Aeroflot Flight 593, 1994 – the pilot let his child play with control button!

Perhaps this is the most unpopular accident in aviation history when pilot Yaroslav Kudrinsky let his two children play in control of the aircraft.

The accident occurred on March 23, 1994 when Aeroflot plane flew from Moscow to Hong Kong.

Kudrinsky asked his 12-year-old Yana and 15-year-old Eldar to enter the cockpit at midnight. Eldar Kudrinsky, the captain’s 15-year-old son, accidentally switched off the automatic flying mode, which stopped the engine. When the pilot found out, the incident could not be saved, the Airbus A310-304 crashed freely in Siberia, causing all 75 passengers and crew to die.

2.Transasia Airways Flight 235, 2015 – the pilot pulled the wrong button

“omg! i pulled the wrong speed button”.

This was part of the last words flight of pilots on February 4, 2015, just before the plane crashed into the highway in Taiwan. 43 passengers was dead.

According to a report from the Taiwan Air Safety Board, when the plane had just flown from Songshan Airport in Taipei, Taiwan, one of the engines stopped working.

The captain then accidentally switched off the active engine by pulling the wrong button, causing the aircraft fell into the Keelung River.

3. Tuninter 153 Flight, 2009 – Pilots pray instead of conducting emergency operations

In March 2009, both the captain and deputy of the flight were sentenced to 10 years in prison after the air crash that killed 16 passengers.

Captain Shafik Al Gharbi and the first officer Ali Kebaier Lassoued were charged with praying instead of conducting emergency operations after the aircraft ran out of fuel due to mechanical failures, leading to the plane crashing into the Mediterranean Sea.

The recording in the cockpit shows Gahrbi praying for Allah and the Prophet Mohammed.

The evidence shows that the crew made many efforts to save the situation but eventually fell into a state of panic and “closed their eyes” to let the plane fall into the sea.

The plane was on its way from Bari (Italy) to Djerba (Tunisia). Only 23 of the 49 survivors were rescued from the sea.

4.Airblue 202 flight, Islamabad, 2010 – The first officer “lost confidence” due to the captain’s criticism.

The accident happened on a domestic flight on July 28, near Pakistan’s capital Islamabad, killing 146 passengers and six crew members.

The accident could have been avoided if the first officer dared to protest the infallible continuity of the captain. However, due to frequent “shame” captain, he lost all confidence.

The captain was accused of heavy and harsh words with his deputy during the flight, even ignoring the warning from the Air Traffic Control Institute when they asked, “Let him speak! ”

Finally, due to the monsoon weather, the captain was frightened and out of control, and the helicopter was unable to intervene, causing the plane to crash down the Margalla.

5. Dominican Republic, 1996 – plane crash because of bee hive

In 1996, a commercial plane departing from the Dominican Republic to Germany crashed in just a few minutes.

As soon as the plane had departed, the pilot was aware that the speedometer had problems but decided to take off.

Immediately after takeoff, the situation becomes worse as the speedometer error affects automatic steering.

The plane crashed into the Atlantic, causing all passengers and crew on board to die.

Investigators said the plane had no technical errors. However, the bee hive in the speedometer made the aircraft inaccurately measured the pressure that led to the plane crash.

6. KLM and Pan Am aircraft collide – the reason is error communication?

This is the most bloody accident in aviation history, causing 583 deaths.

In March 1977, two Boeing 747s of KLM and Pan Am collided at Tenerife Airport (Spain).

The reason was that the KLM pilot and the Air Traffic Control Institute misunderstood each other, causing Pan Am to remain on the runway as the KLM was about to take off.

The thick fog also makes the two aircraft do not see each other.

All 248 passengers and KLM crew members died after the crash. On the Pan Am, 326 passengers and 9 crew members were killed. The Pan Am has 54 passengers and 7 crew members in fever, including the captain.

7.Flight Air Florida 90, 1982 – The pilot forgot to turn on the anti-icing system

On February 13, 1982, the pilots suffered numerous bugs in their flight from Washington, DC, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The most significant failure was the failure of the anti-icing system.

Also, while taking off during a blizzard, the crew uses an incorrect operation to break the ice instead of returning to the port to properly disassemble the ice. After detecting the engine failure, the pilot still refuses to cancel the takeoff.

The plane crashed into the Potomac River just 30 seconds after being in the air.In the 79 people on board, only five survived. There were also four people on the ground who were killed by a plane crash.

8.Eastern Airlines Flight 401, in 1972 – the pilot was busy to fix the light bulb

On December 29, 1972, an Eastern Airlines Tristar jet crashed into the Everglades National Park area in Florida, killing 101 people, including a captain, killed. Only 75 people survived this catastrophic accident.

The accident occurred because the captain and deputy were distracted into a burnt light bulb at the end of the flight.

While the two were checking a landing gear light, someone had mistakenly pull on a joystick, causing the plane to lose its flight mode. When the pilot realized the plane fell , it was too late.

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