There are various founders who have created so many apps, website and they are quite famous known to the world. We all know Mark Zuckerberg who was the founder of Facebook and some world famous designers from various brand who introduced fashion to us but here are some famous brands and founders who created and introduced their own invention but are still unknown to the world so here we are giving you a little introductory of the founders from the world famous brands.

Nike – Phil Knight

At a very young age Phil and his coach used to love running so for that he didn’t have any shoes and the shoes almost cost high and it wasn’t good for them. And that’s why they created blue ribbon sports so that they can sell Japanese sneakers in the US but this company got harder and harder day by day with the suppliers so they decided to create their own brand of sneakers. In 1978 the company got its official name with Nike that soon became famous all around the world whereas people know about the famous brand but little did they know about the founder and his struggle.

Starbucks Howard Schultz

Howard was inspired by the Italian espresso bars that made him start his own coffee shop in its mainland USA. He made it possible that all the espresso-based beverages should be available all over the USA. Well now we can say that his journey towards Starbucks was much more successful which are famous now all over the world

Zara – Amancio Ortega

Amancio started his business with the help of his wife by making bathrobes and nightgowns right in their living room. They open their first store in Spain after their German partner declined their huge order which made them sell their own clothing line. Their own clothing line became more famous and with the new and trendy lines people started opting for their clothes and soon it spread all over the world were now he is been regarded as the richest person in the world.

Ferrero – Michele Ferrero

Michele was very passionate about his work and he inherited his own family business by creating a chocolate paste with nuts and to create new products and introduce various types of chocolate he asked simple questions to the Italian housewifes like asking them about what they buy for their children and what kind of chocolates. Well, in that process he figured out that kids loved chocolates so he created Ferrero Rocher and Raffello sweets and improved the taste of the chocolates and gave it a name called Nutella. He created many chocolates which were beneficial, not only for the kids but also for the American women and soon his work progressed across the sea and it became world famous and now more people don’t recognize him but his chocolates as ferrero chocolate.

Youtube – Chad, Steve, And Javed

Youtube is a video sharing site where people share their videos whether it is funny, life story, bogs, movies etc. Youtube was founded by three American PayPal employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chan, Javed Karim in Feb 2005. The idea of youtube came into their mind when they had difficulty sharing a video and when Karim couldn’t find some unforgettable video clips online so then they thought of creating this video sharing website. And now youtube is known as the most famous and important site rating with other apps. We can share videos, watch them and instantly get famous just by showcasing talents.

Google – Larry And Sergey

Larry Page and Sergey Brin the two students from Stanford University created a company in the year 1998. They founded this company and registered the name as the domain. Their unique name for their company was made from the English world googol which meant a number with 100 zeros and now we use this site in our day to day life. We get more information and we can search anything from this search engine who is easy to help us and is provided in all languages.

Instagram – Kevin Systrom

While everyone was creating their own company for the benefit of the people and there was an another Stanford guy Kevin Systrom who with the help of his partner started this photo gallery app that is now called as Instagram. Kevin was very much fond of photography so with the help of his partner and some investors they created their own photo service. When they were started developing this, Systrom remembered a retail camera that had so many filters and this is how he introduced various filters into this photo editing app which is now quite famous and younger generation are loving it more as even maximum celebrities are relying on this app.

Whatsapp – Brian Acton And Jon Koum

Whatsapp messenger where people can text each other, share videos, songs, and they can even call and video call them. This app was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jon koum who were former employees of Yahoo. They had a rough start at the beginning but they never give up so with the help of some friends they introduced WhatsApp to us.

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