Old wives tales are usually traditional beliefs that aren’t based on fact – so a superstition. And there is probably an old wives tale for everything. We grew up hearing them and probably brush them off with an eyeroll. I mean, come on, an itchy palm can hardly be an indicator that money is coming your way. There’s also plenty of laughable ones about pregnancy which serve nothing more than add to the stress.

But there are a few seemingly ridiculous ones that may actually have some truth to them. Scroll down to see eight of them.

1. Petting a cat will give your baby enemies

While there’s no relation between the acquiring of foes and cat-petting, cats are known to be carriers of toxoplasma which causes toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis can cause miscarriage, stillbirth or brain damage to the baby, so it would probably be best if you kept contact with cats to a minimum during this time.

2. If you sit in a doorstep evil spirits will take your baby away

You are more right to be skeptical about this, but there is a logical explanation to the superstition. And it’s down to the simple fact that doorsteps are drafty areas. Drafts can lead to a weakening of the immune system, as well as to pains in your waist, so this, of course, leads to health concerns.

3. If you eat red-colored fruits, your baby will have rosy cheeks

Some red fruits, like strawberries, are high in folic acid, which is extremely important during pregnancy (or any other period of rapid growth, like infancy or adolescence). Folate can also protect the baby from birth defects as well as helps protect against miscarriage.

4. If you watch a scary movie, your baby will come out ugly

Stress can lead to a disorder in blood flow, and the way scary movies affect your body can be counted as stress. Moreover, because of the hormonal changes, women are more receptive towards certain subject matters. Which is why you might want to put off watching horror movies for after you give birth.

5. If you sit with your legs crossed, your baby will come out clubfooted

Sitting cross-legged can create problems in blood circulation which can, in turn, result in varicose veins. So, maybe sitting in a proper, safe posture would be better. Besides, sitting cross-legged is bad for everyone, not just pregnant women.

6. Sleeping on your back will cause our baby to choke

If you sleep on your back while you are pregnant, especially during the later months, it can lead to clamping of the mother’s vena cava. If this sleep position is frequently repeated, the mother could experience weakness and dizziness, due to lack of oxygen, and the baby could develop hypoxia. Pay attention to this.

7. If you hang out your clothes it can cause the baby to be tangled in the umbilical cord

While hanging clothes is not a danger to your baby, raising your arms up is. If you do it for a little bit the impact won’t be so great. But if this becomes repetitive over a longer period of time, it could increase the tonus of the uterus – which can be damaging to the pregnancy.

8. If you take a bath, it can wash out all your baby’s power

Hot baths and showers can be relaxing, true. But during pregnancy, it’s best if you keep them short since taking hot showers might possibly lead to a miscarriage – especially during the first months.

Source : Metdaan