In your life, you must’ve read about a lot of places and somewhere deep in your heart, you must’ve added that place in your bucket list.

This is how it works really! You come across a place, research a lot about it, fall in love with it and then plan to visit that place. We would like to apologize first hand because we are about to shatter your dreams by showing you the reality of all those wonderlands you see on the Internet and plan on visiting someday!

The Leaning Tower of Italy

The place looks ideal and pictures online are breathtaking but what you experience on ground is much different from what you see in the virtual world. It is a must visit, yes, but do not go there with a set presumption about the place!

Beaches of Maldives

Okay, in Maldives’ defense, not all the beaches in this beautiful island are this trashed but then a single spot is good enough to counter the perfection of the beauty of moon!

Beaches of Brazil

Understand that Brazil is a developing nation with a lot of population. No matter which beach you choose to relax, there’ll be a lot of humans around to test your patience. Things specially become worse when their football team has a match!

Placid Gondola ride in Venice, Italy

All we would like to say is that a lot of our friends have been to Venice but we are yet to listen good things about the place from someone who’s actually been there!

Santorini Island, Greece

It is definitely one of the dream destinations for all of us and is incredibly pretty but a lot of tourists have ruined the real charm of this place that it possessed say even couple of decades ago!

Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt

Development is a great thing for us but not for historical things that are rooted centuries back!

Picnic near Eiffel Tower, Paris

Eiffel tower is great but high chances you might not like the vibe around with all those sounds fluctuating the decibel meter like a crazy young toddler!

The Great Wall Of China

This picture that you see is absolutely authentic. Do we need to say anything more?

Source : Genmice