Sometimes we jump to hasty conclusions about people we’ve met and we often don’t move away from these conclusions even after getting to know them better. If they come off as someone who is not too polite, we immediately judge them for it without trying to look beyond their rough exterior.

Anxiety disorders are difficult to deal with and some of the methods that people use to cope with them might make them seem impolite but that is not the case at all. Hopefully, after reading this, you will think twice about passing judgment on others before knowing their full story.

Here are 8 ‘rude’ things people do which are often dismissed as rudeness or lack of a proper upbringing.

1. They Cancel At The Last Minute

When you first propose a fun idea, this person might enthusiastically say yes and participate wholeheartedly in the planning process. However, they’ll cancel at the very last second for some reason or the other. They’re feeling terrible too and you need to keep in mind that it is their anxiety which is making them do this.

2. Lashing Out

Occasionally, this person might snipe or say something unnecessarily over the top for a very trivial problem. They know that it makes them look bad but it is the anxiety that is making them feel tensed and nervous.

3. Interruptions

They’ll cut you off when you’re midway through a sentence but it is only because they are aware that they won’t be able to hold on to that thought for too long.

4. No Eye Contact

Anxiety makes it hard for them to constantly meet your gaze even if you’re in the middle of a conversation. So they’ll often look away or fidget just so that they can stay in control.

5. Checking Their Phone

A person with anxiety is well aware that constantly looking at their phones when they’re with people can be considered rude. But they need to do it on those days when they are feeling really anxious because it gives them something to focus on.

6. Alone Time

Some time alone is necessary for a person with anxiety and they’ll sometimes closet themselves away on their bad days. They know that other people will be at the receiving end of their issues and they don’t want that to happen.

7. Avoidance

Even if it is a person they’re really friendly with, they might steer away from them at times when they see them coming. However, they’re not doing it because of anything that person did. They’re just scared that they’ll mess up somehow and they don’t want to lose that person.

8. Defensive

An anxious person will clothe themselves in layers of sarcasm and defensiveness which might make other people distance themselves. This is necessary when they really need some time to themselves but others aren’t leaving them alone.

Source: consciousmindsmag