You may come across a relationship where your partner just wants to get intimate with you. He is only with you for your curves and will leave you after he had his fill with you. So to not get your heart broken here we have listed the points that may reveal your boyfriend just wants to be in your pants.

He Takes You For Granted

If he is not putting any efforts to make you feel special then you are with a wrong guy. And if he is taking you for granted then it means he doesn’t care about your happiness and is just looking to get rid off you pretty soon.

He Doesn’t Listen To You

Whenever you both talk he never lets you finish the conversation. He just wants to include his life and his achievement into your conversation not even giving you the chance to talk about you or your life.

He Wants To Be In Your Pants

If your partner just requests you to get intimate with you whether you like it or not then it seriously means he wants to be in a physical relationship with you and doesn’t want to grow an emotional intimacy.

He Doesn’t Care About You

You may be in a relationship with him for one month or 6 months but if he starts ignoring you and doesn’t care what you do, then you should stop being with him because he already had his fill with you and now he just wants physical relationship whether it is with you or any other girl.

He Doesn’t Want You To Meet His Family

He loves hanging out with you whether in bed or at any other place but when you ask him about meeting his family, he will reject it. So now you should know the clear sign about who is in love with you and who just wants to be in your pants.

Not Even Complimenting You

A guy who is madly in love with you will take a glance and compliment you but if he is not showing any signs of interest then forget about the compliments.

He Never Listens To Your Problem

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean it’s all about getting intimate. A partner who loves you will listen to your every problem but if he is not caring about you then he will not show any interest in your life.

Flirtatious Nature

If he is really your man then he will only care about you and your feelings. When all the girls are chasing after him, his eyes are only set for you. So look for the guy whose top priority is you and even if there are many females to catch him, he just wants you.

Source: Bloggersarena