Every Country has different laws that make people follow it and if you are a tourist then you should first check the laws of that country and then visit there because if you did something and then they catch you then no one will save you so peeps if you are visiting the United States then consider reading these laws.

No Icecream Inside Your Pocket

We never thought that some rules and laws which are useful are been put forth to the civilians to no do this like in Alabama its been strictly prosecuted a law saying no ice cream cone in your back pocket at any time and we are confused why would anyone keep a cone in a back pocket.

No Cycling In Pool

This is something we consider absurd but still, some people follow it and we are wondering what did someone actually did the cycling in the pool and that’s the reason the law has been invented.

No Funny Haircuts

Well, this rule is something we are not complaining as we all know people have the habit of doing something unusual with their haircuts and no one to stop them so this kind of law is for them.

No Tight Pants

With every new law, people are getting more frustrated with this system and more and more they don’t get to wear anything they want and it feels like in Delaware people are bound to follow the rule of no form-fitting pants or tight pants.

No Photographs Of Skirt

It’s not actual photographs but people who are so perv and they tend to take pictures of girls who are wearing skirts are being told to follow the law of no pictures of upskirt which can lead to the prohibition of law.

No Polka Dots

Well, with every incident the governor there must be frustrated with people because in the state of Washington there is a law which says painting polka dots on the national flag are a big no-no.

No Tapping

Well, who’s going to stop your foot when you are really into the rhythm of music but in Hampshire, it been forbidden to tap your foot when you’re listening to music.


Who put a law on pickles and that too about considering a pickle is a pickle or not? well, in the place Connecticut they are checking the pickles if they bounce or not and if they are not bouncing then they are not. Well after reading this we only want to say God bless America.

Source: Bloggersarena.