Men seem to be fickle-minded and difficult to adaptable to women in a relationship. However, if someone is completely in love with you, he will ready to cross and break mountains for you.

He can gift you the stars, bring the moon down from the sky only to you. His world means nothing other than you. He who loves you madly respects you and never wants to let go of you ever. Such a woman is the luckiest being on this planet.

Here are 8 ways to check if your partner is completely in love with you.

1. He respects you genuinely

A relationship means nothing if the partners do not respect each other. Men should respect their woman, their uniqueness, their strength, their individuality. He should respect all his opinions, his decisions. He never forces his own opinions on her. He allows her to have her own space and yet loves her. He sees you as his equal, doesn’t treat you as an object of desire. This is how a real sensible man should behave.

2. He loves you exactly the way you are

He has fallen in love with you after seeing who you are. He never tries to change or manipulate you. You may be a complicated girl, moody, with messy hair and no-makeup and he will keep on loving you despite that. He accepts you despite your weaknesses and strengths. He never compares you to the others or forces you to change.

3. He is always honest with you

Faithfulness is his primary character trait. He firmly believes that honesty is the best policy. The foundation of any relationship is trust and honesty. He is always true to you, never hides things from you. He doesn’t narrate fake stories to you or fill your heart with lies. He isn’t playing games with you. He genuinely cares for you, never intends to disappoint you and dedicates his entire life to you

4. He cooks for you and showers you with surprises

He is extremely romantic. He is always on his toes to surprise you in some way or the other every day. Either a sudden dinner plan or a surprise vacation to your favorite place, he never fails to disappoint you. But the most beautiful moment is when he cooks for you. You come home late and tired from work and see that he has nicely decorated the house and planned a great candle-light dinner for you. What can be more amazing than this?

5. He always accompanies you everywhere

He never gets bored whenever he is with you. He doesn’t nag or sulk when you force him to go out for shopping with you, unlike the others. He always likes spending more time with you, whichever place you decide to visits. He doesn’t irritate easily. He helps you in matters which you cannot work out yourself like fixing the bulb of the room, cleaning and maybe gardening. This shows he is happy and content to spend these moments together.

6. He defends you

He knows that if you get caught up in an argument somewhere, your side of logic or reasons cannot be so flimsy. He supports you in your reasons, is always on your side when you unnecessarily get engaged up in some bad altercation. He values you and respects your side if judgment.

7. He is extremely concerned about you

He is always worried about your whereabouts, keeps a check on you to see if you aren’t in trouble somewhere. He doesn’t mean to interfere in your private space; it is just that he is extremely caring. He pays attention to you and is lovingly possessive of his partner.

8. He is a good listener

He always listens to your side of arguments. You may be correct as well as incorrect, but he is always respectful of your thoughts. He remembers all the special dates that you both share and celebrates. This shows and proves how much he is in love with you.

He is overtly caring about your family and always appears in a jolly mood before your friends. He has decided to spend his whole future with you, so he knows that it is important to love all the people who form a close, extensive part of your social connections. He is sensible.