Pregnancy is a journey filled with a lot of anxiety and excitement as you wait for that precious moment when you’ll finally deliver. If you are one of the new moms who’ve had a Caesarean surgery, also known as C-Section, make sure you avoid these 8 common mistakes to help you heal faster.

1. Jumping Head-On Into Household Routine

Slow down – YOUR body needs you too! While it’s natural for you to fuss around your newborn’s wellbeing, remember that your body too has been through a lot since the last nine months. Let the cleanliness-freak-cum-perfect-mother in you take a back seat, and give your body its due rest. Also, considering you’ll be spending quite a few sleepless nights initially, follow the sleep-when-the-baby-sleeps rule, irrespective of what time of the day it is!

2. Spare Yourself The Guilt And Gloom!

Due to the outdated belief of a normal vaginal delivery being a benchmark for motherhood, many women end up with a sense of guilt or inadequacy for having a C-Section. Relax! Having a C-Section doesn’t make you less of a mother. A positive mindset goes a long way in helping you heal. Rather, keep a sunny disposition and focus on bonding with your baby.

3. Neglecting Your Diet.

Most women take great care of their diet during pregnancy. However, post delivery, they become careless about their food resulting in acidity and constipation. It’s important to avoid food that causes constipation, keep yourself well hydrated, and if need be, consult your physician regarding laxatives, as constipation or gas could lead to excess pressure on the delicate stitches.

4. Being Unmindful Of Reflex Actions

Laughter may be the best medicine, but if you are one of those who enjoy a ‘belly full’ of laugh, we suggest you be cautious before you crack up. Not only that, some reflex actions like coughing or sneezing while you are seated could also exert pressure on your stitches. So avoid dust or catching a cold as much as possible. It’ll do a world of good to you, and your baby too.

5. Do Not Resume Your Fitness Regime

Some of us may be obsessed with getting back in shape post pregnancy and try to hit the gym, or worse, take to climbing stairs as an alternative. Any sort of extreme physical activity, specifically climbing stairs, has an adverse effect on the healing process. However enticing that may sound, to avoid ripping your stitches apart, let your body shed its baby weight the natural way.

6. Do Not Lift The Baby Or Anything Heavier

The first post-delivery physical contact a mother has with her infant is for feeding. Follow the instructions of the nursing personnel diligently with regards to holding and feeding your baby. Ensure that you always remain seated while doing so. Avoid walking or strolling around with the baby as newborns have a tendency to kick their legs rapidly and may come in contact with the stitches. Even lifting your baby while you are standing may exert pressure and cause pain in your stitches.

7. Put Those Aphrodisiacs Away

As much as you and your partner may be eager to resume your sex life post delivery, it is prudent to put it off for at least 6 to 7 weeks more. Discuss with your gynaecologist before you go ahead. And while you grudgingly put in a few more days of abstinence, make it worth the wait by indulging in some old-world romance!

8. Avoid Frequent Showers

In the days immediately after surgery, avoid taking a shower as much as possible, or cover the wound with a waterproof dressing if you really must. The fresh wound, when it comes in contact with water, may lead to other infections or complications, which in turn can delay the healing process. Also, avoid changing the wound dressing on your own. Always seek medical help for doing so.

Avoid these mistakes to stay healthy, heal faster and enjoy your motherhood to its fullest!

Source: Momjunction.