Flight attendants have unusual lifestyles, especially if they work for international airlines. They encounter a lot of different people each day, but behind their smiles there are secrets they will never tell you. Here are 9 of those secrets about airplanes.

1. Air conditioning system

If you wondered where does the oxygen come from when we fly, it comes from the compressor stage of the engine turbines.

2. A cooper vane

The story behind this device is definitely something you need to know about. A man called Dan Cooper hijacked a plane, then got a ransom and he left mid-flight with a parachute. This is the reason why all Airbus and Boeing planes have a Cooper vane: a device that prevents the doors from opening mid-flight.

3. Air Marshal Service

Air Marshals are undercover agents whose purpose is to calm down a trouble maker or disarm a terrorist. Air Marshal Services are common in the USA, Canada, France and other countries.

4. Hidden rooms

Did you know that flight attendants have secret rooms where they go to relax? Even though we haven’t seen them, they actually exist.

5. Handles by the emergency doors

The purpose of these handles are for the flight attendants to hold if there is panic onboard. Their jobs are to make sure nobody loses control during an unexpected situation.

6. Hooks on the wings

Planes have emergency exit slides that involve sliding down a smooth wing. However, to make this easier there is a special hook through which a safety rope is led that the passengers can hold onto when sliding down.

7. Lavatory unlock

If a child accidentally locks themselves in the lavatory or if a person gets sick, you can unlock the door from the outside. Just lift the ‘Lavatory’ sign and slide the know to the unlocked position.

8. Hole in the windows

The airplane windows are made with 3 layers of glass. The outer layer has a purpose to regulate the pressure. The inner one is here to absorb any damage and prevent a disaster. And the middle one with a hole has a purpose to regulate the airflow.

9. An axe in the cockpit

Several countries have laws that require keeping an axe in the cockpit which can be used in case of an emergency.

Source: usefulgen