There are many people around us who we don’t like but have to bear their crazy bum be it your job or your friend’s boyfriend, girlfriend, or friends who are in your clan and you can just not meet them. It is quite difficult to bear them when they don’t know they are annoying and you cannot even insult them. Sometimes, it’s your boss, or worse, it’s your co-worker. We all relate to this phenomena when you want to punch the person in the face but you cannot! This compilation of 9 people who you should stay away from because they drive you crazy with their annoyance.

Leggings should be banned!

This is the worse you will ever see in the name of fashion. Why are you even wearing leggings when the only parts that should be hidden is showcased like that. People should know to wear a proper leggings at least and the ones who do it on purpose are annoying.

Occupying extra space

That’s a terrible thing to do to someone. This is ill mannered way to sit in a traveling. People who pass this away as anything less than sickness then they are crazy, ill-mannered people who don’t deserve to be around people in general.

Server took his plate

That’s just very rude! This is not a good service. Firstly I would never allow the waiter to take the plate away because then that will be really uncomfortable for me while eating and I will never go to this place ever again. Plus, I’ll recommend against it.

People who buy the same stuff

What is the point of buying the same thing, and switching and wearing it as if it was a different one. I don’t understand why you want to buy the same stuff, I would never invest in boring things like this.

Waste of space

Why the actual hell would you chose to do this on a public transport? It makes no sense to occupy so much space and yet doing no good to anyone, not even yourself. It is just irritating.

Annoying friend

Well, this actually sounds fun but this might be rude for the couple. Even though he has the thought of doing this bizarre welcome speech, he shouldn’t Implement it.

I don’t like this

The curtains sticking out of the window makes me cringe and it is nerve wrecking when you have condition like, OCD. It is very irritating to see and not being able to do anything to get it right.

The ones who suck at parking

This individual who had a perfect situation where he could park properly into one parking space, he decided to park in a manner that occupied all the 4 spaces around and make it difficult for the others. I hope he was high, otherwise this behaviour is just very offensive.

Irritating passenger

This is the worse that could happen to you when you are on a plane. At a such compact place where you only need some personal space to bear the flight, someone chooses to invade it just to make you cringe in despair.

Source: Genmice.