Your loved ones are so used to seeing you are the dependable one that they often forget that you, too, need a shoulder to cry on sometimes.

Some of the strongest women often hide the most pain. You may be smiling through your heartbreak and your tears, but only you know the loneliness you feel inside. Only you know what it’s like to put on a cheerful smile and go through each day, hoping to find someone to share your pain with, someone who will see past the facade and love you for who you are. But it seems like a distant dream and you don’t know why. Here’s why the strongest women often get the least love.

1. People think you don’t need anyone

People admire how strong and resilient you are, and they see the tenacity with which you push through your struggles, even when the odds are stacked against you. You seem so sure of yourself and so confident that they never think for a second that you’re secretly staggering under the weight of your emotions. You wish someone would reach out to you and offer you a little kindness, just to let you know that they’re here for you, but no one ever reaches out, and it hurts.

2. You rarely show your vulnerability

You know that you can’t ever reveal what you really feel inside because there are people who are jealous of your strength, waiting to find a weakness in you and tear you down. There are a few people you trust enough to show them who you really are, but so many others have no idea what you really go through on the inside. You’re used to being the strong one, but sometimes you wish you could just open up and melt into a warm, comforting embrace of someone who loves you wholeheartedly and unconditionally.

3. Your intelligence can be intimidating

People who see your intellectual side often forget that you have an emotional side as well. You find that people can connect to you at a superficial level, but they often don’t make an effort to know you deeper and connect to your heart. You wish someone would see beyond your achievements and your abilities and see the person you are, but you end up receiving respect and admiration rather than the love you so desperately want.

4. You’ve given so much love people have forgotten to love you in return

One of the most fascinating traits of a strong woman is how you manage to be there for people in need and love them with all your heart, even when you’re facing the stormiest moments of your life. You find it within you to offer words of encouragement and a comforting smile to others even though you feel like you’re on the verge of breaking down. However, people see you as such an important source of comfort that they never return the love you so freely lavish on them.

5. People don’t know the pain you feel

You take the lead, sacrificing your own needs so that others have their needs met, and people often look to you for strength and guidance. You’re forced to hide your tears, shedding them when no one’s around because so many people are counting on you to be strong for them. You can often feel quite lonely and unloved because while you’re busy looking out for everyone else, no one else is looking out for you.

6. Your friends are true but few

As a strong woman, you prefer to share your burdens with a few people you can trust with your life. You know that they are true to you and would never betray you, but sometimes when they’re not around, you don’t know who to turn to. You sometimes wish that you had someone to come home to every day to remind you that you are loved and not alone.

7. You need one hundred percent commitment and not everyone can give you that

You’re either all in or all out, and you expect no less from the people you’re with. When it comes to commitment, you will do whatever it takes to follow through on your promises, and you ensure that you prioritize the people you love. Unfortunately, you may not always receive the same level of commitment from the people who love you, and you refuse to compromise on something you know you deserve.

8. You would rather be alone than with fake people

Love is easy to come by when it comes from people who pretend to care about you and shower you with false praises and insincere compliments. However, as a woman of integrity, you refuse to tolerate people who use you for personal gain under the pretext of loving you. Even if it’s hard to be alone, you’d rather surround yourself with people who are true to you than fake people you can’t trust.

9. No one cannot equal the honesty and passion of a strong woman like you

One of the reasons why it’s so hard for you to find love, not just in friendships, but also in relationships, is because you’ve set the bar so high. You devote yourself to the people you love with an incredible passion and dedication that is hard to match. Your willingness to unconditionally love people and be there for them can make it hard for you to find people who appreciate that and emulate that.

Source: Daily