Germany is a country in the Western European which has a landscape of forests, rivers, mountain ranges and also North Sea beaches. Its capital is Berlin and that is famous for his nightlife and art. Even Brandenburg Gate and many sites relating to WWII. It has over 2 millennia of history and their history is really very intriguing. The Germans have always proved to be quite entertaining and having weird traditions and mindset. We often think that these things might be seen in other countries too, but there are many such things in Germany, that are followed in Germany that are quite unique and you may only find it here!

Girls getting ready for Oktoberfest

There is a fest that is quite famous in Germany called the Oktoberfest but in spite of the name sounds like the month of October, it is actually celebrated in September.

It is very important for the Bavarian culture.


Who doesn’t like football? And for a country like Germany, football is everything they know. They are very connected to football. They play it at schools, universities, watch it on TV, and go to the stadiums to support their teams that they follow.

The games like, table football, or foosball, is a massive thing.

Singing drain pipes

The art is really appreciated in Germany and they take it seriously. When the music and the art collaborate together, the result as more awesome than anything else that you can ever imagine.

This house comes alive when it starts to rain. You should come to Dresden to enjoy Kunsthofpassage and its unusual orchestra.

Fake bus stops

There are many nursing homes in Germany that have fake bus stops near them. But there is a reason behind it. It is not just to mess up with your mind but it is actually for the patients with the Alzheimers who would try to leave the nursing home and the caregivers will eventually find them.

The world’s narrowest street

Only for thin people! This narrowest street in the word is in the German city of Reutlingen, it is literally only 31 cm and it is also mentioned in the Guinness World records.

Caution is a priority.

“Vorsicht” or “caution” is literally everywhere. They literally take caution very seriously. There are many warning signs and everyone are obliged to follow the same. Even small villages.

Finger wrestling

Strong fingers are appreciated and men of Bavaria know a lot about it. They train, exercise and stretch them in order to be the best in one of the craziest championships ever known as Fingerhakeln.

Sausage vending machines

Well, when you think about vending machines, you probably think of things like cold drinks and chips but the Germans love sausages and so they want it on the go, which is why they have sausages in vending machines.

Pumpkin boat races

Paddling a giant pumpkin in the middle of a river is something too unusual and but the Germans are quite okay with this championship. It looks like the yachts transformed into pumpkins when the clock strikes midnight!

Source: genmice.