Juanita Fitzgerald was only two days away from her 94th birthday when she was arrested by the police for trespassing. She was cuffed and carried out of her apartment without having to bring any of her belongings.

“Everything I got is gone,” Juanita said while crying in handcuffs. She had been late on paying her $161 rent and was no longer welcomed to stay in the facility.

Although a $500 bail was posted, Juanita was released and didn’t spend her special day in the cell. The Mid-Florida Homeless Coalition met with the senior and moved her into a motel to make sure that she would not spend her days outside after she came out.

“We’re working with her to try to accommodate her as soon as possible,” B.E. Thompson, the organization’s board member said.

According to the staff at the senior living facility, Juanita refused to get help for a new house. They also mentioned that the 93-year-old woman did not want to pay rent anymore as she informed them that she would soon pass away. Juanita said that she offered half of her properties, but they turned her down.

Thankfully, Juanita is now getting assistance with her situation. A resident of Florida is raising money for her through GoFundMe page.

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Source : Smalljoys