Love has really proved that physical appearance is nothing in comparison to the love between indifferent people. While scrolling through news feed we came across some sort of amazing love-stories that will make you realize that there is still hope in our love life its just we have to wait for the right one. Despite that, some love stories had surprised us to the core and made us believe in love so here we have present to you a cute love story which has a direct link from Manchester to Indonesia and you will be amazed reading their story.

Love Story Of Two Different Worlds

While choosing a life partner we always prefer beautiful women or handsome men and it is a huge factor in our society that judges a person by their appearance. And then there are some who fall in love not by just looking at a person’s physical appearance but they care for their beauty within. So here is a story of a 21-year-old English woman who fell in love with an Indonesian man and their story is going viral on the internet.

Love Prevails

People constantly judge those whose appearance is not that appealing which makes people lose self-confidence and self-esteem thereby making afraid to approach someone directly. But in spite of this, a young couple proved the world that love prevails all.

A Girl From Manchester

A 21-year-old Polly Robinson an English girl became viral on the internet after she posted her marriage picture with her hubby who is from Indonesia and he also owns a restaurant plus he is a certified surfing Instructor.

A Boy From Indonesia

Karna Radheya is a 26-year-old Indonesian man who met Polly during her visit there in August 2017. These two met and started seeing each other regularly and soon they fell in love with each other. Their love took a long distance route when Polly went back to her home in Manchester but they still managed to keep in touch with each other. Polly never thought that she will be in deep love with him so, in order to marry him, she converted herself to Islam so she can marry this guy in his traditional Muslim ceremony.


On December 16, 2018, the couple exchanged their vows in a much traditional way where Karna’s whole family were present there to witness the wedding while the girl’s family gave her the blessing before she took off to marry her love. Polly and Karna’s relationship proves that love has no boundaries and it is not defined by any standard beauty and not even by the race.