With simple steps, a cloth was turned into a soft sleeping place like the arms of mother which helps the infant have a good sleep.

Once a baby comes, baby’s feeding and sleeping are the most concern of many mothers. However, a recent clip in which a nurse instructs how to use a towel to make a pillow without waking a baby has relieved parents’ concern. Just utilizing a long and large towel, wrapping, threading through baby’s legs, parents will have a comfortable pillow like the arms of the mother in which baby can be in a deep sleep.

The effortless method has been shared on social networks by a large number of mothers. After one day, the shared clip has attracted 3 million views, 6 700 likes and more than 81 800 shares.

The owner of the clip is Ms. Le Thi Anh, 23 years old, has shared the reason why the clip came out: “ I have just gave birth my first baby and an obstetric nurse has enthusiastically instructed me the way to turn a towel into a sleep pillow for an infant. I find it very helpful, so I recorded and shared to other mother. Unexpectedly, the clip has got such a big concern like that”.

The girl infant, An Nhien, sleeps like a log in a hand-made pillow which is made by the mother under the way she was instructed.
The infant is 24 days old.

The steps are very easy that any mother can apply, including:

Step 1: Prepare a towel whose length is 120 cm and width is 60 cm, then wind the towel to make it longer.

Step 2: The baby needs to wear neatly. Turn the baby in the right and use the winded towel to wrap the baby from the legs to the head. One part of the towel is put under the baby’s neck and the other is put on the baby’s head.

Step 3: Mother pats the baby. The infant will gradually sleep like a log. Each baby’s sleep lasts 2 hours.

Under the post, there are a lot of comments that show other mother approval. A lot of young mother have applied the method successfully.

Source: Malie pham/Feedy