Can not understand what happened to her?!?

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Recently there was a video from the street surveillance camera become famous on the social network, in which a girl in Puebla, Mexico while walking on the road suddenly collapsed, head to the ground.

You’ve seen the movie “Final Destination,” in the movie a series of catastrophic events that coincide and are extremely difficult to explain, as if it were some supernatural force. There is also a similar case in the real world, and at 4:00 PM on November 28, a girl in Puebla, Mexico, wanders down the street, a wind blowing up causing her to fall, head to the ground to cause injury.

Actually, next to the car is a power line is broken, should be electrocuted, just or she stopped at the right place so it was made her to fall, but luck is not fatal to life!

After watching the video netizens have left many comments, such as: “Just looking, I thought her was blown away by the wind”, “It looks like there are supernatural power”, “Does the man near by has electricity?” , “It is scary, must pay attention when going out”, “At first thought it must because of the devil, turned out to be lines”, “Shocked, I stopped breathing for a second!”

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Source: Feedtv