There are all kinds of marriages and Brady and his wives expand this statement to the max, literally to the max. Brady Williams has 5 wives. We don’t mean that he has been married 5 times, this man actually lives with 5 women. It may sound strange, but officials believe that polygamy in the Western world is more popular than we probably think and roughly estimate that somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 people in the US follow it.

We want to show you how this very unusual family lives every day.

This family is not considered normal by many people. However, they live happily with lots of love and respect. Brady and his beloved soulmates Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie, and Rhonda live as one big family and have 25 children together.

At one point it was only 3 wives

At one time Brady was a Mormon, in fact, he used to be a church leader. But later he left Mormonism, but still kept the multi-relationship family form.

In 1998 it was up to 4.

and then 5…

There is still time for some romance.

They love spending time together.

They believe in education,

being athletic,

They celebrate birthdays,

But sometimes everyone needs a little me-time…

Girls will always be girls.

They go to the movies.

and board games.

Everyone still does their own thing for fun too.

some like sports,

some are passionate about cooking,

And they always have dinner all together.

Time to let your first child go their own way…

First grandson, with many more to come

No matter what people think, they’re just happy.

Brady and his big family

We are all so different, every one of us has rules, beliefs, and expectations. This family made their own, which are pretty different from traditional standards. But they all look so happy, maybe we should just be happy for them and let them be who they are.

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Source: Brightside.