Bringing up one child is enough hassle, bringing up six children together needs next level energy to deal with it. This 22-year-old mother had 3 children already and then gave birth to triplets. As difficult as it looks, it is quite adorable to see how they get along with each other and how the mother takes care of everyone.

Chloe Dasta

22-year-old mother, Chloe Dasta and her husband were facing a very difficult condition when they had to choose between their triplets when there was a complication.

The complication

There was a complication in the birth of a premature baby. The two out of three were fine but the third one was facing problems. And they decided to save the three babies instead of leaving the 3rd one.


The couple already had three kids but they still wanted to save their babies because they loved them, after all, they are parents.

Premature babies

The babies were only formed for 28 weeks and they still took the decision, in a complicated situation. But as we said, this is an adorable story of a mother and her children, they all survived and live happily with the family.

Sweet bundle of joy

The sweet bundle of joy really did bring happiness in the family threefold and they are the most adorable ones you will ever see.

“Sibling Goals”.

Chloe even posts pictures of her adorable family life and how her kids are growing up so well. The six beautiful children have developed so well, they really do set an example of “Sibling Goals”.


Her Instagram page ’@chloeandbeans’ is where she posts pictures of her kids and how she and her family enjoy being together.

Family of 8

The family of 5 succeeded to become a family of 8. Who would have thought that the exception would turn out to be the best one ever!

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