It’s no secret that cats are mysterious animals. In the Middle Ages, they were called “The Devil’s Henchmen”. Additionally, many people thought that black cats were the best friends of witches. Now we know all that was a result of a lack of knowledge, but we have to admit, sometimes our cats still act pretty weird, don’t they?

Black Metal Cats is an account on twitter that combines cats’ photos and black metal lyrics. And it matches up so well, it’s scary. Bright Side has decided to share our favorite posts with you.

You must think twice about putting a cat in the water.

Monday mornings

Just another day at the office…

Pennywise of the cat world

Dinner time!

No plates will be left intact.

His eyes speak better.

No chicken, just cat food!


We guess we all should obey.

This part has already been taken by Grumpy Cat.

Looks like this little hand is in danger.

How romantic!

A little bit too dramatic…

This costume fits just perfect.

They look like missing characters from Game of Thrones.

Have you noticed there are 4 of them?

Typical northern beast

Somebody, give him a hug!

This little guy is vicious.

Fighting with curtains

Isn’t it afraid of water?

“A new king? It’s time for a meal.”

Will сombing behind the ears help?

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Source: brightside