A video of a very large group of Nuns dancing to what seems to be hardcore dance music has been going viral. Most of the uploads of this video seem to claim this ‘Nun Rave’ took place in The Netherlands but after some research I’ve managed to discover it could actually be in Krakow, Poland. If any of the readers have more information on the exact whereabouts and reason behind this concert please let us know in the comments section.

It looks like the hardcore music is really being played but of course it could easily have been edited over to make it sound like a rave. Either way I think this will bring a cheeky grin to most people’s faces who watch it and I’m more than sure that all the hardcore music fans out there will definitely approve.

Nuns all over the world are breaking the stereotypes attached to them. They don’t just enjoy a rave apparently some of them love the Ganja too. Check out the video below!

These ‘Weed Nuns’ Worship at the Altar of Ganja

And they can spit some rhymes too…

The rapping nuns of Colombia

I say more power to these Nuns showing that there is much to them than most people think. Represent sisters!

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Source : Educateinspirechange