Sarah is a mother and a housewife. She began to convert old clothes for her daughter and her family. They are remodeled from her old clothes and the clothes she bought at the store. And she made the unusual clothes into great clothes

Her hobby became her life philosophy. Sarah’s motto is “Look good, feel good, do good.” She is against the consumer society and she teaches people to not waste their money. In the future, she is planning to design her own line of clothing and donate all the proceeds to orphaned children. Sarah’s ideas are interesting and very noble. She thinks that when a person wears beautiful and comfortable clothing, they feel happy and have the energy to help others.

Sarah has a great sense of style and a bright imagination. These qualities help her create innovative clothing and style it perfectly. She made overalls using an oversized dress, and a cute little dress using a men’s shirt.

Sarah has never studied in any specialized school. She admits that she does a lot of things over and over again in order to fix her mistakes. She shares educational videos on her YouTube channel and Facebook showing all the stages of reimagining the clothing she works with and explaining everything in a simple way.

Sarah proves that a bright and diverse set of clothes is something that any person can create and have. And, if you go Sarah’s way, all your clothes will be unique.

Here is Sarah with her husband and kids. Their oldest daughter is 10, their middle daughter is 9, and their son just recently turned 5.

Sarah thinks that the clothes you create on your own can also help you avoid the problem of having a full closet and feeling like you have nothing to wear. What do you do with your old clothes? Tell us in the comment section below!

Source : Brightisde