When we get hurt or ill, the smart thing to do is to go to a doctor. But sometimes, there are easier, quicker and less invasive ways to solve health-related problems.

This particular one is something the Japanese have been using as an effective alternative healing technique for many centuries. There are many of them but the finger-method is pretty impressive and to get the result you want, you only need five minutes.

Its called Jin Shin Jitsu. This ancient form of Japanese healing art requires the stimulation of certain areas of the fingers and this helps to restore emotional balance to other areas of the body.

Simply put, according to this technique, each finger is linked to two body organs and if you understand the right points to apply pressure to, you can improve both your physical and emotional health.

Which fingers are connected to what organs?

Your thumb:

If you struggle with issues like depression, anxiety and even physical symptoms like skin problems, headache and stomach pain, then your thumb may hold the key. This is because, according to Jin Shin Jitsu, your thumb is connected to your stomach and spleen.

Your index finger

This particular digit is linked to your kidneys and urinary bladder. Emotional symptoms that may be cured through this finger include fear, confusion, and disappointment. Stimulating the finger also helps you deal with such issues as a toothache, muscle pain, back pain and digestion problems.

Middle finger:

This is connected to your liver and gall bladder. Stimulating it can bring relief to such symptoms as a migraine, fatigue, menstrual pain and frontal headache. It can also help with emotions like anger, indetermination, and irritability.

Ring finger

It is connected to your lungs and large intestine. Stimulating it helps with emotions like sadness and fear. Physical symptoms that may be cured include digestion issues, asthma, problems with respiration and skin diseases.

The pinkie:

This finger is connected to the heart and small intestine. Bone issues, heart disease, and throat pain are some of the symptoms that can be cured. Emotional symptoms include worrying, nervousness and a lack of self-confidence.

So, how exactly do you practice Jin Shin Jitsu?

To target a particular organ, hold the appropriate finger with your other hand and keep tight pressure on it for 3-5 minutes. Take deep breaths afterward, then massage all your fingers (on both hands) for another three minutes.

Watch video:

Pretty easy, right? Millions swear by this practice and are confident that it only takes a few minutes to remedy health problems.

Source: Demic.