A LOCAL football club in South Australia has been kicked out of its league for the rest of 2018 after its captain was hit with a life ban by the tribunal for a series of shocking incidents in the one game.
The Northern Weekly Messenger reported on Wednesday night that Salisbury West captain Adam Jones was suspended for 27 weeks for four offences in a match against Trinity Old Scholars, including breaking an opponent’s jaw.

Jones was found guilty on charges of striking, kicking and undue rough play, taking his total career tally to 34 games suspended — well in excess of the Adelaide Footy League’s 12-game threshold.

He copped three separate bans for striking, with the biggest a 10-week ban for a knee, plus six weeks for another knee and a third ban for an elbow. The fourth suspension — a three-game penalty — was for attempting to trip, while a stomping charge was thrown out.

Consequently, Salisbury West, has been turfed from the competition, as Jones’ suspensions breached a good behaviour agreement the club had with the Adelaide Footy League.

League chief executive John Kernahan said he was happy to see less players and clubs in his league if it leads to a safer and better on-field environment.

“Salisbury West entered season 2018 fully cognisant of the consequences for a breach of their agreement let alone a series of breaches to this magnitude from one match,” Kernahan told the Northern Weekly Messenger.

“The league has never baulked from its responsibility of removing those who present a risk to other members whether they be an individual, team or club and we are not about to start now.

“We’re quite happy having less players and even a club or two if it means the ones we do have are playing footy for the reasons we promote.”

Trinity player Carl Teusner, who had his jaw broken in one of the hits, underwent surgery on Wednesday — a day after he made a statement to police.

Source : Foxsports