There’s just something about babies that gets us all melting and cheesy. It may be their cute and innocent faces, or just how adorable they react to certain things. Babies are just a bunch load of sunshine that brings as smiles and good vibes to fuel our day.

In this video, we get to see a super adorable baby as he gets his first haircut. We see him sitting down on his mother’s lap. He wasn’t wearing any undergarment or any shorts at all. He was just wearing a cute and tiny yellow shirt.

The baby looks still for a while and we see the groomer extend his hand toward the baby’s head. His hand had a tattoo, and the was holding a razor. He gently moves his hand closer to the baby’s head until the razor got in contact with the baby’s short hair.

Since the razor was vibrating, the baby could probably feel a little tickling sensation on his head. As the razor moved around his head, we see the baby reacting to it. He first closes his eyes and raises his shoulder as if he was getting really tickled by the razor.

The groomer continued on with his job and kept moving around the baby boy’s head to get his desired haircut. While the groomer was doing this, the baby seemed to be keeping it in, trying not to laugh. But after a while, the kid could not keep it in anymore. He finally let out a giggle, and then a laugh. He even jerked as the razor made contact with his hair.

All the while that this was happening, the mother was patiently assisting her baby boy, holding her with her hands as the boy sat on his lap, so he wouldn’t fall on the floor.

This video has been appreciated and watched by numerous netizens in the world. As a matter of fact, it has reached 6.4 million views since its posting, and has received hundreds of thousands of shares. How about you, what do you think about this adorable baby?

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Source: Trendyfeed.