All passengers are counting their blessing after the potential tragedy is averted.

Although plane is believed to be one of the safest transportation on earth, still, many accidents happen.

On 28/9 a plane of Air Niugin airline Air departs from Pohnpei Island (Micronesia) to Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea) trying to land at the transhipment point at Chuuk International Airport when the accident happens.

According to Reuters, the plane was carrying 47 passengers, including 11 crew members and 36 passengers. While the Guardian page reported that there were 57 people on board.

The footage captured the Boeing 737-800 is under water while passengers are being rescued on small boats nearby.

Passengers and crew members were taken to the hospital for medical examination. And 4 people are in serious condition, having bone fractures and other injuries.

Jimmy Emilio, manager of the Chuuk Airport in Weno Island, said: “The plane was supposed to land but somehow landed into the water, about 137 meters off the runway.”

Bill Jaynes, a passenger on board said: “I think the plane was having trouble landing until I saw the water overflowing through a hole. Water flooded deep to the waist before the rescue force arrived. ”

He added: “I’m really impressed with the local people. They immediately sailed out to save us. They are great.”

After the incident, Air Niugini announced it would make every effort to provide health care for passengers and crew.

A spokesman for the Papua New Guinea Accident Investigation Commission said investigators had arrived early to investigate the reason why the accident happens.

This is not the first time that a plane landed in the water instead of the runway. In 2013, 101 passengers on a Lion Air flight also slipped off the runway in Denpasar (Indonesia), then fell to shallow waters. Luckily there was no injury.

Investigation is being made to find out why the reason for the accident.

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Source : Feedtv