On the dawn of September 20, heavy monsoon rains battered Naga, Cebu which resulted to a massive landslide. A viral CCTV footage captured the actual tragic event which led to huge destruction of infrastructures and the end of many people’s lives.

As seen in the video, the large part of the mountain suddenly collapsed. In the blink of an eye, it almost covered the entire low-lying areas. However, a much worse damage took place compared to what the surveillance showed.

According to Naga City Police Chief Inspector Roderick Gonzales, five people failed to survive the disaster. It also destroyed over 20 houses in Tinaan and Naalad. Furthermore, the local rescue team kept on searching for the missing residents, estimated to be around 50 to 80 people. Gonzales also mentioned that the landslide occurred near a quarry site.

Despite the prior warning from officials two weeks ago, the residents in the area did not expect the major landslide. Even the civil defense officials mentioned that landslides were very rare occurrences in the Cebu region. It was the reason why the residents near the affected area only evacuated after the incident happened.

On the other hand, there were already eight survivors rescued from the mud and debris. Through the collective effort of rescuers and residents, they dug under the soil with the hope of finding all the missing people alive.

Even though typhoon Ompong already left the Philippines, it greatly contributed to the consecutive heavy rains experienced in Cebu which sparked the landslide.

Based on reports, there were 100 landslides recorded all over the country. Moreover, the number of lives lost continues to rise as time passes.

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Source: ABS-CBN