Aldi Is Selling The World’s Most Expensive Steaks For £7.99 And We’re Delighted

Stop what you’re doing and get yourself down to your nearest Aldi – it’s BBQ season and those dead fancy steaks are back on the shelves.

The affordable supermarket – which brings us other glorious offerings such as halloumi fries and one of the world’s best gins, to name a few – has brought back its amazing wagyu steak range at its stores in what can only be described as the answer to every meat-eater’s dreams.

Not sure what makes wagyu so special?

Well, it’s only the best bloody steak in the world. If you were to buy a cut of this prime Japanese Kobe beef elsewhere, you could be parting with a whopping £500 per each kilo you purchased.

But now, for a limited time only, you can grab yourself a cut of this ridiculously expensive steak for the bargain price of just £7.99 per 227 grams – that’s almost 900 percent cheaper than what Harrods is flogging it for at their Steakhouse (£35 per 100g).

From Thursday 26th July you’ll be able to choose between Specially Selected Wagyu Ribeye Steak or Specially Selected Sirloin Steak, both of which would usually set you back a good few bob.

For those that can’t decide between the two, the supermarket has said that the ribeye cut offers the boldest flavour, as it comes from in-between the rib bones and is marbled with more fat, while the sirloin is a little more dense with less fat.

But here’s the catch – the steaks come under the Specialbuys section, which basically means once they’re gone, they’re gone.

No restocks, just unhappy faces plastered on the faces of empty-handed meat lovers who didn’t act in haste. And with the Great British Heatwave is in full swing, we’re going to guess that there’ll be a lot of wagyu beef sizzling on the barbie.

So act now and protect yourself from becoming a sad, empty-handed meat lover by getting yourself down to Aldi right now.

Oh and while you’re at It, grab the chunky chips – and maybe a few packets of those halloumi fries…

Source : Ladbible