A few days back Kangana Ranaut had criticised Ranbir Kapoor, alongwith other film stars, for not caring enough about the country to comment on its politics. The Manikarnika actress had mocked Ranbir for not taking a stance for the country or not participating in political conversations. She, in a way, called Ranbir selfish and said the actor should think about his country as his home.

Ranbir’s girlfriend Alia Bhatt was asked at an event about Kangana’s comments on the actor and members of Bollywood, including herself. Alia chose not to go into a conflict and responded with a classy answer. The actress lauded Kangana for her ability to speak candidly and said that she respects her for speaking as well as she does.

“Listen, I definitely don’t have the ability to speak as candidly as Kangana does and I really really respect her for that. And may be in a way she is right that sometimes we do hold back. Kyunki hum nahi chahte ke, khamakha kyun bolna… My dad always says that there are already so many opinions in the world that the world could do with one less opinion. So, I have an opinion but I will keep it to myself. But kudos to her because she genuinely speaks really well,” Alia said.

Source: Talescart