In addition to visual impairment leading to her eye surgery, 4-year-old girl also faces various problems such as irritability, agitation, lack of concentration, etc because she has used cell phone so much.

Dachar Nuysticker Chuayduang, a Facebook user, shared his own experience as a warning to other parents: Do not let your kids use electronic devices too much. In the case of Thai dad, he started to let his little daughter use his smartphone and iPad since she was two years old. After that, his daughter gradually showed signs of addiction to the phone. Whenever Dachar took the phone out of her hands, she became angry.

Since then, Dachar’s daughter has had eyesight problems. Dachar gave her glasses in hope that it would help prevent future eye problems. However, by the age of 4, she underwent an eye surgery. Doctors said that Dachar’s daughter had vision loss or “lazy eyes” – when the eyes did not work together, causing the fact that an eye worked effectively while other didn’t. As a result, she has not only visual impairment but also squinty eyes.

Eye surgery for the 4-year-old girl took place on October 31. After that, the girl was able to use both eyes simultaneously. Doctors advised Dachar not to allow the patient to use her phone, iPad, computer and television if she had similar symptoms to before. The light emitted from these devices is the main cause of vision loss that requires surgery.

Another serious problem is that since little daughter became addicted to cell phone, she easily became distracted. In fact, she could not sit in one place or concentrate on something without a mobile phone.

Mobile phones and other electric devices seem to be a convenient way for you to get rid of looking after your children but the consequences are serious. It does harm not only to the children but also the whole family. In the long run, your children will be grateful if you spend your time playing with them instead of letting them play with mobile phones.

Source: Thairesident, News