Makeup is everyone’s personal piece of art. Everyone does it in the way they think, best, resembles their personality. We have seen different styles of makeup throughout our years. Some prefer the darker shades, some the brighter ones. Some like the long-winged eyeliners and others feel better with a small cat eyeliner. It doesn’t matter, each detail is beautiful.

Once you’ve perfected your makeup skills, it can be pretty fun – you know, putting on makeup each morning (or mid-day, or evening). But you know what else is super fun? Removing makeup! (Please notice the sarcasm). Although there may be people who find the process of removing makeup quite fun, there are others (like me) who think this one is the most annoying parts of the day. It sure feels good when you finally remove it and are left with a bare moisturized face, but the process is just…

Are you ever out of makeup wipes, and you’re simply not used to removing makeup with warm water and shampoo? Here’s what this one beauty blogger thinks would work perfectly fine as a replacement.

The Aloe Vera plant!

She takes a few spoon-fulls of aloe vera gel and simply blends it in the blending machine.

She adds Extra Virgin Oil and blends the mixture again.

She, then, dips the wipes into the end product. And proceeds by using those aloe-vera soaked wipes to remove her makeup.

After she is done with removing her makeup, she uses a face mask.

Leaves the mask for 25 minutes, and…


This routine seems quite refreshing to be frank! If I’m ever out of makeup remover wipes, I got my Aloe Vera!

Watch video here :

Source : Metdaan