Flowers are popular home decorations, because they are cheap, interesting, unique and meaningful. You can make flowers become many home craft, such as flower bottle on the table, flower hanging on your wall, flower wreath on your door… If you’re finding a home craft that is easy to make, colorful decoration, suitable with every in your home, bring a lot of lively feel to your open space, flower wind chime is the best choice for you. Today, I will show you 10 beautiful flower wind chime ideas.

Firstly, if you don’t know how to make a flower wind chime basically, watch the video below

Flower wind chime with roses and transparent diamonds will make your space more romantic.

Imagine this purple flower wind chime in your bed room, it will help you relax your eyes after a hard-working day.

You can see these paper flower is really easy to make, right?

You can switch off the light and then contemplate your achievement

These gorgeous wind chimes may be set at the open door. They are very outstanding.

Aside from paper flower, you can make wind chime by fabric, satin or other materials

Sometimes, some butterflies will make your wind chime look amazing. You should use the wire to connect the flowers.