Babies grow up quick, and time flies by when you’re with them. This is a fact that can be verified by any parent! The first year of a baby’s life is filled with so many milestones, significant progress points and changes in their little bodies, that it almost feels as if time is being accelerated.

Since these days will never return, it is best to preserve them. Retaining these moments in some form will always bring back smiles and happy memories whenever you look back at them, and there’s probably no better way to preserve and conserve the memories of the early days of your baby’s life than enshrining them in a photo journal.

So, let’s go ahead and take a look at one such photo journal of a growing baby!

1-3 Months

A 1-3-month-old baby is not someone that you’d expect a lot of activity out of, right? What shenanigans can such a small little thing be up to besides drinking milk, sleeping, and occasionally crying? But when you look at this photo journal, you’ll notice all the little quirks of the growing baby that have been documented by the parent.

This baby enjoys staring out of windows, finds his bouncy seat to be a source of many laughs, interprets bathing time as water-splashing time, and also has a strange affinity for eating his own hands!

4-6 Months

Around this time, the babies tend to become a lot stronger physically, and the weaning process is usually started by the mothers around the 6-month mark as well. It is recommended to continue administering a combination of breast milk, as well as certain finger foods so that the baby can slowly,and comfortable be weaned off in good time!

If you notice the journal, however, there are plenty of other little details that have been documented. The baby’s not only growing very quickly but has become quite ticklish. He enjoys snuggles with his mother and finds his sister to be incredibly funny!

7-9 Months

This is the time when the baby is finally able to sit up without requiring additional support for the same. There’s a lot more verbal expression in terms of crying, laughing, making sounds,etc. The baby also becomes a lot more curious and can be seen crawling around all over the house!

Looking at the journal, we can see that the baby enjoys “puffs” as his preferred choice of finger food.He has also celebrated his first Halloween and has been having fun with his new-found mobility. Just look at those expressions, aren’t they just precious?

10-12 Months

Getting much bigger now physically, the baby’s teeth start to come in, and they’re able to vocalize certain words that they hear around them! The baby’s cognitive skills also pick up,and they’re able to recognize and differentiate between objects and people a lot easier.

As per the journal, it appears that this baby has morphed into a young reader with his interest in books! Furthermore, the baby has started to communicate with sign language and can even say certain words. Perhaps the most significant development is in the last image, where it’s mentioned that the baby can now walk as well. How time flies!

You too can make such a photo journal for your baby and can document all their little quirks, habits, developmental milestones,etc. in it! The journal can be daily, weekly or monthly, depending on how detailed you want to be about it.

With photo editing apps and a camera available on your phone, alongwith photo blogging platforms such as Instagram, Google Photos,andTumblr also at your fingertips, there’s no reason why you can’t do this! Get started, and we can guarantee you that the memories will be cherished by you, your family, and your baby for many, many years to come.

Source: momjunction